Sample Geology Essays on Landslides Problems

Landslides Problems

In many instances, homeowner insurance does not cover for damages caused by natural happenings like earthquakes, floods, and landslides. When such events happen, homeowners are left homeless and not to know who should compensate them for the losses. To overcome this challenge, before buying a home, one should evaluate the geological risks in the given area. Geological experts can help in conducting an inspection of the location and give advice whether it is safe to purchase a home. This can help in avoiding situations that can leave you homeless as many insurance firms do not have a policy covering such events. Therefore, this paper is going to answer the question on who is responsible of paying for the damages caused.

Since many homeowners are not covering their homes against landslides, the government should come in and compensate citizens for damages caused. The reason is that the government has not intervened the insurance industry to ensure that they have in place a policy covering landslide risks. The government is also responsible since it has not set strict rules that constructors should follow before making homes in risky areas. In some other situations the homeowners should be responsible for their negligence for not taking time to assess whether the area is safe to buy a home. Also, the construction company whose houses are affected by landslides should be liable in paying their clients for losses incurred.

Evidently, insurance companies have for the past not covered homes for landslide risks. This has posed a challenge for homeowners not to know who should pay them when they lose their house to natural causes. All stakeholders are liable for not putting measures in place to ensure that risks are averted as well as compensating homeowners by encouraging them to take insurance cover.