Sample Gender Studies Paper on Gender Disparities

Gender disparities have been there for a long time until the human rights and the United States law on discrimination embraced the fact that men and women should be treated equally.  One of the challenges that exist is that this equality is never achieved and I believe the reason behind it all is that women never go for those opportunities that are currently experiencing imbalances. Sometimes back I thought about the issue of gender equality and politics, it is true the laws say leadership positions should be equally distributed, but I still believe the stereotype of that women should not hold significant positions still exists. There are very few women that vie and campaign for these positions and I was wondering if the men can do their campaigns and get the highest number of votes, will the government deny them a chance to lead people in consideration of the gender equality. Therefore as much as there are women empowerment programs, people like Annie-Marie worked, who has written an excellent article about women having it all, worked for their achievements. Before being appointed the director of policy planning in the government, she had engaged herself in different scholarly works just to sharpen her skills and abilities. Therefore, being in such a position was a reward to the excellent work and committed she had.

In the article, the author argues that the issue of gender equality is all over in every corner of US but women are not being given enough chances to take up various positions, at one point she says, “while the empowerment part of the equation has been loudly celebrated, there has been very little honest discussion among women of our age about the real barriers and flaws that still exist in the system despite the opportunities we inherited.” (Slaughter, 2019) I agree with Annie there are a lot of programs for women empowerment, but the reality is that it does not reflect in the real-life situations. However, I think that women should be more aggressive like other women who have soldiered their way into success and grab existing opportunities not because of the gender equality law but because of the uniqueness of their abilities and the qualifications, they have for a given post.




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