Sample Film Review Paper on The film Thor (2011)

The film Thor (2011) as explores the relations between the ancient Viking gods. Thor is the god of thunder and war according to Viking mythology, and the film portrays him as such. He goes to war with the giant frosts without the consent of the father, Odin. Loki, Thor’s brother, is as cunning as depicted in the myths of the Viking gods. The title of the film is the one that sparked my interest in the film, and for sure, upon watching it, did not disappoint. It does not stray far from the legends told of the gods. For example, Odin has one eye, just like in the mythology. The only difference in this film regards how he loses one of his eyes. Legends have it that he lost his eye at the Mimir’s spring after sacrificing it to gain the wisdom of ages. In Thor, however, Odin loses his eye in a battle with the frost giants, in which he emerges victorious.

The movie is aligned with the views of mythology regarding the characters and their allegiances. The family of Thor and the warriors of Asgard are as described in the Viking mythology such as the father of Thor, Thor’s hammer and the trickery of Loki. Still, there some additional details are not in the mythologies that have been presented such as as the Frost Giants and the existence of Asgard in the outer space. The producers of the film are very creative in connecting the ancient gods with the modern humans in modern context. For example, they subtly give the impression that gods live for thousands of years as opposed to humans whose lifespan is less than a century. Thor is just about to be crowned the king of the Asgard when intruders come and try to steal the ultimate weapon of the frost giants used to plunge worlds into an ice age and make them ripe for domination by the Frost Giants (Branagh). This leads an interruption of the coronation ceremony, causing Thor a lot of anger and frustration at not being made king, something that he has looked forward to for a very long time.

At this stage, Loki appears to be very reasonable, as he discourages Thor from going to the land of the frost giants to avenge the intrusion leave them in fear. Odin warns his son against starting a war, but Thor does not listen. Thor summons his best warriors, some of whom are familiar from the mythologies such as Sif. They travel to the land of the Frost Giants using a portal and start a fight (Branagh). They get cornered by their enemies and Odin comes just in time to save his children and the warriors. The actions of Thor have angered his father so much that he is stripped of his powers and the influence he has over Thor’s Hammer that was forged in the heart of a dying star. He is then banished to earth, where he meets Jane. Jane is a scientist that has been investigating anomalies in the weather and terrestrial bodies accompanying the fall of Thor.

This film, is mainly about Thor’s interaction with people on earth as a mortal, and how he at last regains honor and is granted the ability to wield the hammer gifted to him by Odin. The depiction of Asgard and all the characters in that realm is according to the Viking mythology. Blending the ancient characters with the modern world and portraying Thor as ignorant of modern technology does not seem a good fit. At times, Thor seems very confused and an unaware of how things happen on earth, yet at other times he is all-knowing such as when he explains the concept of realms to jane and when out of nowhere, calls people by their names even when they have not been acquainted. The fact that he is a god should have him understand how the world works and not have him stuck to the relics of the past. Another disappointing aspect of this film is the use of language. All the realms speak the same language, and this is unrealistic.

The reason for recommending this form to others is the visual effects that have been used in the depiction of the world of the Gods and also in the fight scenes. This film depicts the characters of Thor, Odin and Loki with precision. Loki is known as the sly one, always playing the long game such that the persons being fooled do not realize it until it is too late (Branagh). The ingeniousness of Loki is observed when he supposedly saves Odin from being killed by the frost giants. He does this despite being the one who has invited the assassins to come and kill his father and have him made the king of Asgard. Loki somehow realizes that his plan to become king has not succeeded, and it is interesting to notice that he has contingencies for that. Odin is depicted as a sagacious leader, just as is the case with the mythologies. He is a king that is concerned with the preservation of all the races in the realms despite having some of them as his enemies. In conclusion, this is a film that has made the understanding of the characters of gods in the Nordic mythologies clear.



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