Sample Film Review Paper on News from Home

Film Review Paper on News from Home

The movie, News from Home is complicated in terms of the presence and absence of sound and image. There is the image track, voice-over narration, and diegetic soundtrack, through which the major themes of the movie are positioned. The image track offers fixed camera perspectives to a distant dying out points with sporadic tracking shots from the vehicles and the railway. In spite of intermittent glimpses of the skyscrapers, the movement is creative, as the camera is steady, without any simulation of the vertical walkers through the streets of New York. The shots lack narrative information but the film acclimatizes the audience to artistic template with minor variation all through. It is only at an instance when an explicit compositional relation is made between the shots. A graphic match in two shots represents temporal ellipsis from day to night.

The diegetic track offers close noise that going with the image. The sounds of traffic and the ambiance of the busy streets are not in continuous sync with the images. Even in the presence of traffic sounds, an image of cars passing by may not be in harmony with the sounds of those cars. This offers a dislocation effect, deflating camera presence. The voice-over narration refers to the separate recording of the sounds and the image. Noise in the city is at times seen to overpower the muffles of the letters, just as in the last shot, where voice-over fades as ferry moved out to sea. From the letter, information concerning the family is given and requests for reciprocal news are made. Some images are required to confirm her presence even as the presence of the mother is largely felt by the constant description of her presence state. Through these tracks, the theme of dislocation is highlighted. The juxtaposition of the voiceover with images of the city is felt within the movie. From every word spoken in the mother’s voice and the avenue of the camera towards the character deepens the story she is telling. No explicit application is made, yet the audience feels the characters and breaks the heart wherever one thinks over this trans-Atlantic story.