Sample Film Review on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Chinese Religious Paradigms

The film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is mainly about the strength in the Chinese culture that is hidden from the rest of the world. The green destiny is a sword that is featured in the film. In the film, Li Mu Bai, a legendary who is involved in martial arts is struggling both psychologically and spiritually. He believed in meditation. Li Mu Bai abandons the meditation practice and visits YU Shu Lien, a friend, with whom he is in love with and requests her to deliver the mythical Green destiny to sir Te who was the governor in the province. It is evident from his behavior that Mu Bai had great respect for the traditions.

The Widan style of marital art is also exhibited. The art draws its powers from the personal renunciation and the powers of centeredness (Gentz 55). Li Mu Bai is able to keep his promise and he can be crowned as a spiritual hero. He is able to overcome the life challenges and his beliefs guide him in making the right decision. Li Mu Bai’s selfless attitude and behavior is shown when he abandons his Monastery with the aim of serving the community.

The film is able to integrate most of the features of the Chinese culture. The culture required devotion to duty and piety that was the main hindrance that made it hard for Li Mu Bai to declare his love for Shu Lien. The power of the Chinese religion is drawn from the Confucian, Taoist and the Buddhist religion (Gentz 22). The religion is composed of some aspects from the three religions. They recognized the power of enlightenment that shaped their religion.


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