Sample Ethics Paper on Do Americans assume convicted criminals don’t deserve a second chance?

INSTRUCTIONS The Contemporary Ethical Issues Project allows you to explore a current moral dilemma to recommend an ethically informed solution. Reflect on this quote, given the \”hot-button\” nature of some of the 36.5 choices below: A political context such as ours offers several temptations that we must avoid. One is a retreat from a corrupt world, preserving an illusion of moral unity. The second is moral relativism, which is another kind of retreat. Relativism advances the false claim that multiple conflicting positions about human existence can all be accepted as correct. The great American Jesuit theologian John Courtney Murray suggests a process where we retreat neither from the world nor from the truth. Instead, we engage those who initially disagree with us, seeking to create an acceptable consensus by building upon those truths on which we can reach agreement, while continuing to persuade and educate those who disagree with our convictions. This process is “proposing, rather than imposing,” and we believe it is the only way to create sustained change in this area. (Links to an external site.) Project Deliverables There are several parts to the Ethics and Contemporary Issues Project. (Here are my sample notes and slides on each) Topic Selection (Week 3~250 words): Choose your topic (or propose another) from the list of 30 provided in the section below. Explain why you have chosen it, why it is important to you, and why other people should care about it. Locate and summarize one trusted, neutral, unbiased source. Begin @ my starter link for each choice as a (semi-?)balanced \”diving board.\” The question I chose is: \”Do too many Americans assume convicted criminals don\’t deserve a second chance?\”