Sample Ethics Paper on Crucial Employees’ Rights

Crucial Employees’ Rights

Every employee deserves to work in an environment where they feel appreciated. Above all, they need to become aware of their rights for their employer not to take advantage of their services. Employee motivation is one of the rights that every employer should strive to achieve. It is because the best way in which employees can be productive is when their rights are met giving them the motive to work extra hard in the company. Desjardins is among the organizations in Europe that has seen to it their employees are guaranteed their crucial rights which most organizations tend to ignore. An issue such as maternity leave is ignored by most employers who do not consider paying their employees. Majority are left helpless during these periods when they need the money the most.

However, Desjardins acknowledges this employee’s crucial right and ensures that they are paid as stipulated in the work contract. It is one way in which the company is motivating its employees by not only giving mothers maternity leave of three weeks, but also showing them that it is their right to receive pay during a crucial moment as maternity leave. At the same time, the fathers who are responsible for the pregnancy are also given the same rights as women to help in the process of raising their children by additional payments. These are work benefits which are crucial to the employee and it is the employers should ensure to fulfill them. When this happens, the employees not only feel motivated but also obligated to meet the company’s needs during the most crucial moments. They develop energy towards ensuring that their company progress in terms of performance. Achieving balance in a company is therefore a crucial right that every employee should be guaranteed like Desjardins Company is doing.