Sample Ethics Essays Paper on The Creation and Denial of Mixed-Race People in America

An Invisible Monster: The Creation and Denial of Mixed-Race People in America

Defining race has been, for many years, a challenging undertaking because of the divergent opinions on what it entails. Words that have been used to define this term range from physical appearance, culture, language and political ideologies. Multiracial individuals face challenges of being subjects of misconceptions concerning their physical identities. Even though every society has its own definition of race, there is always part of the society that goes an extra mile in reconstructing definition of race.

Mixed races and multicultural individuals have recently raised their concern regarding ethnicity and race. This is because having no racial identity can equally add up to having no self-identity. Mixed races make a great percentage of the American society. Therefore, it is imperative that the social, political and other systems in the country ought to be adjusted to make room for these mixed race individuals. Interracial relationships, and especially marriages, have faced objections for many years in American society. Perceiving that mixed race individuals pose threats to white race or that they are tormented and mentally weak is not a solution to solving the cultural conflicts. Rather, it is leading to unfulfilled desire, despair, loneliness, bewilderment and cultural seclusion and tension.

Intermarriages between, for instance, white races and mixed races, can lead to significant benefits that. Social growth and development, which thereafter results in inter-culture exchanges and economic growth, is one of many important advantages of interracial development. It can bring unity and connection among individuals of different cultures. From a religious perspective, the central dogma of many religious teachings across different religious groups is acceptance despite diversity. Individuals from different backgrounds are united by the deities they worship including God. Therefore, racial discrimination can be perceived as religiously unnatural and wrong.

Multiracial stereotyping is primarily based on the view that such individuals are reminders of the immoral union between two immoral individuals who denigrated the social and cultural norms of the society. However, such views ought to be challenged especially with the growing civilization and globalization currently sweeping across various societies.

Due to racial stereotyping, there have emerged other issues of comparison of physical attractiveness. Individuals born from mixed race marriages are perceived to be more attractive. Essentially, their seemingly exotic and unique looks have led to a new trend where an increasing number of people prefer them as marriage or sexual partners. This ultimately leads to increased multicultural relations and diffusing of the racial stereotypes.

Efforts to keep one race pure or more superior than the other is one of the greatest aims of certain societies. However, it could be reasonable if people considered benefits that result from individuals coming together and having similar values. This is because individuals from the same race tend to share common political, economic and social views.  This unity of ideology promotes political, social, economic and societal development and cohesion. It gives members of the society a sense of self-identity, social appreciation, acceptance and direction. In conclusion, interracial families should be considered as equal members of the society and not as threats to social and political cohesion. The siege mentality associated with multiracial stereotyping results into worries, self-deprivation of self-identity, happiness, hope and freedom. These virtues are integral for societal social, economic and political growth and development.