Sample Ethics Essays on Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide

Everyone have a right to choose or have an opinion regarding his/her fate concerning the ultimate decision of death. This is not only based on the religious notion of the sacredness of life but also on the principles and ethics of healthcare such as patient autonomy, which is chiefly founded on the belief of both free will and individual importance whereby factors such as economics and politics are subservient to an individual’s need to receive the best treatment. Thus, autonomy is defined as the ability of a patient to make his or her decisions without the influence of a healthcare provider. (Keown, 2012) believes that assisted suicide or euthanasia, as it is better known, would help weaken or erase society’s respect for the value of human life as it would become the norm for a society that is humanistic and materialistic, leading many people to opt for this rather than seek more money and time consuming methods of treatment.

Secondly, as (Moreno, 1995) notes in one of his arguments against the practice of euthanasia and the surrounding controversies over mercy killing; it would lead to worse care for people that are terminally ill with life threatening diseases such as cancer as they would be purposefully abandoned by their caregivers who would try to coerce them or their families to consider this option in cases where they have a bleak chance at a full recovery or worse a shortened lifespan. Finally, there are many proper forms of palliative care that reduce people’s pain such as physiotherapy, which could help in reducing the stress levels in persons in severe pain. Nobody has the right to play God over the lives of other people as this would set a precedent that would be hard to reverse once the ball is set rolling for future generations to emulate on a socio-political scale.



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