Sample Essay Writing Paper on Self Assessment

Personal vision statement
Mission Statement
Career vision and plan
Core skills for strategic planning
Preferred type of organizational culture
Is a Career in HR right for you?
Level of emotional intelligence. Big five personality dimensions
In this century, emotional intelligence is an indispensable skills required in the professional field.
It is noteworthy that there is a close relation of high emotional intelligence to both career and
personal success. As a matter of fact emotional intelligence is more important than IQ or even
the work experience that one has. I am a highly emotional intelligent individual because I have
the ability to understand and manage my emotions as well as other people’s emotions. I don’t let
emotions take the better part of the situations unnecessarily but make well thought out decision
after a careful evaluation of the situation at hand My ability to listen keenly to others shows my
sensitivity to other people’s needs. My open mindedness makes me flexible in cases of
changes…My emotional intelligence is exhibited in my communication style.Emotional
intelligence has enabled me get along witrh others easily and also work effectively even when
am under pressure.
Motivation to lead
Intrinsic motivation
I always seek ways to work on tasks that I find challenging, interesting and internally
fulfilling. It does not mean that I discourage external rewards as the motivation factor in

whatever one does. It is okay to consider external motivation once in awhile though focusing and
ever prospecting for it is destructive. I prefer intrinsic motivation to extrinsic motivation because
it meets my psychological needs and helps me to thrive in my undertakings and also grows me.
For instance, I often take more responsibility in my daily activities because I enjoy being
challenged and having an accomplished feeling rather than getting appraised for what I have
done. Intrinsic motivation is vital in ensuring a healthy competition, autonomy and relatedness
I am always looking for ways to learn and explore new ideas because I find pleasure in
leaning and mastering of concepts. The desire to be in control and making important decisions
without giving it much thought is essential too. Working with others satisfies my need for
belonging; also, when I help others achieve our common goal gives me personal satisfaction.
Whenever I am faced with a challenge I view it as a better opportunity to work at a consistent
optimal level towards my target. For instance, competition as a challenge increases the value that
I place on good performance. Further, other than focusing on external gains I focus on mastering
a skill while giving myself a challenge of higher yet attainable goals. In cases where I am feeling
uninspired, my documented list of whatever I love doing comes in handy because out of the list,
I am able to choose one activity. I visualize occasions where I have felt proud of myself before
starting any task at hand. Focusing on the good feelings while working helps me conquer the task
with ease.
Team effectiveness
Readiness to assume leadership role .Kind of power preference which influence tactics I use.
Assess task and relationship oriented leader behavior
Communication competence and listening style

Having the ability to communicate effectively is among other skills that one ought to learn in
undergraduate learning or in higher education in general. My communication competence has
benefited me in various sectors of my life. I am well conversant with relevant communication
patterns and how to apply the knowledge in specific contexts. I am confident that I can state
ideas in a clear manner, employ ethics while communicating, noticing and considering
communication goals and recognizing the right time to communicate. Also, I am able to choose
the most effective communication channel. When conversing with others, I take time to listen
attentively while being open minded about other people’s opinion. Effective communication has
enabled me to settle conflicts because I can identify and manage misunderstandings whenever
they arise. Generally, effective communication has helped me demonstrate credibility in various
scenarios. Being a mindful communicator and a higher self-monitor has helped me because it
helps me achieve my communication goals, avoid stereotyping, detecting lies and reduce