Sample Essay Writing Paper on flirty messages

You want to express the most flirt of messages to your person of love and care, so how do you go about
it? You want to express how you feel about them, how you like them, and how you want to be with
them just as much as you feel about them. However, you want them to feel what you feel too inside so
you can win them at the end of the journey. Which flirty question sits at the top of the game and spice
up your relationship with your spouse, wife, husband, or sets it off for a new upcoming relationship?
The choice of these flirty messages must come out with an intention of feeding the other person's ego
and still make you win the game at the end of the day because facing the situation with invested time,
we definitely flirt to get something back in return. Either so that they like back or satisfaction, a good
flirting mastery definitely works. Here are some of the ways you could break down your flirt game and
ensure that your game is a big win-win at the end of the message game.
 The first step on the flirting has to be on building up their ego, praising them, and then later flow
down to their dirtiest, climax feelings and then back on the edge a little. A precise method of
this is the below-detailed messages;
1. Hello beautiful, how's the evening of the most charming lady in the world going on?
Not only is this a nice flirty way to make the lady smile but it serves to remind her how well she is
appreciated by you and how much values she bears too. To a man, you may use a direct sexual
reference with the same virtue because men too like a good genuine comment. As simple as the
directed question, they will note down the compliment, and even if they won't react on impulse, they
will keep remembering the small details of the good texts you once sent them some days after and carry
the memories all along. Small things do matter.
2. Here I have sent you some money because I was just told a while ago that I should pay a 'fine'?
Who would not love this? Early in the morning, send some small cash token to your favorite person and
before they realize it, follow it with this flirty message. Everyone loves a gift and money is so
modernized and equivalent to a gift that will make them feel good. Tell them that they are the fine thing
in your life and when to say the police told you to pay a fine at your encounter with them early in the
morning, you though ow, I have this fine thing in my life, and so you sent the fine thing the fine money.
Twist out like this and the response you will get is self-explanatory plus it works at both genders.
3. Is your mother a bunny, because…damn!!!
Use this to praise the bum of a lady if you know you appreciate it and you would like to make it known
to her that she got it. Most ladies love their bums and when a male appreciates it just adds added spice
to their soul and self-esteem. You can use this to your spouse, girlfriend, or even a new person you have
recently met just to show that you appreciate the future behind her a lot and like her around to spin
sometimes for you. Go for it, dude. For ladies, you can twist and turn this by asking, "Are you the
Hercules reincarnation, because well that sex was super hot!". Hercules is a myth God of power and you
telling him this just shows him that he rode that demon off you while you had sex. Appreciating him
after this is a good token that will work for his ego after and after.
4. Sorry, but I will have put your kids on punishment because you are such a baddie.
This is a way of expressing a person of interest in how good they are, so sexy, beautiful, handsome, and
all put up. It extremely sets a smile off and they will definitely feel good that you feel they owe such a

personality. This is better fixed in the middle of a conversation or after another flirty question to cap it
real quick. You can use it directly let's say if you have noticed a crush and get to find their number. Fix it
in the middle of a conversation just after the introductory right and it will come out as perfect as
possible and work for both of you.
5. Do you know a place where I can order an extra heart? Because you have just stolen mine.
Immerse your self in telling them how you feel inside by experiencing your self with the use of such an
idea. Open up by expressing how you literally could not take a moment to rethink and go about with
your daily activities because well somebody stole that inner part of you. You mean you can not follow
your goals and purpose and desires in life, you cannot follow your heart because they just took it and so
you seriously need a replacement to go on with your normal day in the life. Insist them on a "You see
what you did to me ever since I put my eyes on you, this is a heart total damage and I guess you just
ripped it off and decided to go with it, huh". Tell the party that you also know that despite them ripping
your heart off by extremely being beautiful, handsome, good physique or smile, you would like them to
be as kind enough as you know they are by coming along to your a place of choice or you can meet them
in a restaurant so they could help you order out a heart and fix up things as early. If they agree to meet
you well, you just earned yourself a date. Bingo.
6. I would have sucked your dick while we on this conversation so I would see where your sweetness is
cumming from.
Ladies ladies. This is to bring to the table what you would have done to your person and laid off the best
of his fantasy if only he were close. Point this out as a way of appreciating him and a way to pinpoint to
him that he deserves to be around you and you around him. He will want to be with you and talk over
while you disrupt him suddenly by going down on him. Spoil his mind with this flirtatious seed in the
messages. For the fellas, point up that you would have loved it if she were beside you that you would
have licked off her pussy after work to see why she is so sweet on that particular day and with such
great moods. This is a super turn on that will keep her on toes to meet up with you and wait for the
fantasy to be fulfilled. Pamper yourself up because she is ready for you after you just said this to her.
Warning, things will get super sexy and hot.
7. I am not even wasting more time because I am ready to drown in that pussy.
So you are just so done with her not being around and you roar inside to just do what you have to do to
her already? Well, this flirty message is for you. Going straight to the point sometimes just sets off the
mood up for the ladies that their bodies and breasts become hot and stand up for you. For instance, the
above example does well when you want to be dirty with her and seriously you cannot wait for forto
forget me along because it will surely go down for real. Setup a caution to her and tease her with this
flirty one to raise her mood up and tell her that immediately you see her, things will go up for this
particular activity. At meeting up, fulfill this. For the ladies, tell him that you will go down on your knees
to welcome him just when you see him again. Sounds appreciative, sweet, and the kind of woman and
mood he wants on the bed. It will however be more appreciated if you do it when you see him as you
earlier stated. Tip.
8. Does your family own the bomb manufacturing company? Since you blew my mind ever since I laid
my eyes on you.
Sounds hilarious, fun, and just artistic. Use to state how that type of bomb that they threw to your mind
is a wonder bomb and you have fallen dead for her and would like to regain your consciousness back

because they blew your mind and you want them around so they could tell you how to cool or at least if
you win their favor, they could give you company, a remedy you self prescribe because you know they
are the best healer. Put your self vulnerable and praising them for being powerful beings and that they
control and amaze your blown-out mind. Tell them you are ready for them and you'll set it off by them
being there, all you need is to earn their company and tell them more about how you are feeling after
you saw them.
9. Did God just throw you down from heaven right now? Because you are so beautiful I had to confirm if
you are an angel.
Works every time. Tell them that you like the way they inspire you and you are totally sure that they are
God sent. Insist on " seriously and privately speaking, are you an angel?". Tell them how you are actually
blown away and this might be the best out of the days on your walking life. Insist to them that you love
every aspect of them and you truly believe that they are an angel sent from above. Say that you would
like for then to be closer so you could actually touch them and feel if they truly are human. Dare them to
go out and step out with you and at a repeated touch, you would want to confirm every day of your life
that they indeed are angels. Luckily if it works to pull them out to a setting with you, merry and go
ahead with your game and own them fully.
10. Your grandad must have been a renowned boxer, you literally just knockout my heart.
Tell them how you currently are not living with the thought of them not being by your side at the
moment. Say they have a powerful boxing gene that they should trace from their family and see if they
own that from a past family member. You are on knockout and you do not see yourself standing up but
only by the help of them you at least can gas up back to reality. Tell them you want your reality to be
covered in the clouds and rains of tears of joy from your relationship. You need their love to wake up
and see life meaningful again. Insist on how you love them and they are the key component and they
better save you up from the knockout as early as now or you'll completely pass out and that will be sad
for you. Beg them to stay and help you up politely. Insist.