Sample Essay Paper on Advocacy

The name of the website is International Crisis Group and the website is The group advocates for global peace and stability by
highlighting the key areas of conflict between nations and the need to establish a ceasefire.
Based on the video, the International Crisis Group advocates for common ground between
world leaders to promote order and peaceful coexistence in the world. The audience is world
leaders, advocacy groups, citizens and other interests groups to help settle the pending
tension between nations. For example, the impending conflict between the United States and
Iran and other nation is likely to affect the world order. Reaching to the audience will initiate
constructive dialogue and other forms of cooperation to avoid war and other forms of conflict
between nations. I think I am part of the target audience since advocacy can be small or large
scale in terms of reach.
The international crisis group operates under the cultural and social context which
identifies the need for integration between nations and groups. International integration is a
crucial element in the maintenance of world peace and cooperation between nations. The
website presents a convincing argument on the cause by illustrating the different effects of
war and conflict on the human population. Highlighting the different conflicts such as the
Venezuelan war and the rise of humanitarian aid is an appeal to the audience to understand
the futility of war and the need for peaceful resolutions to conflicts (International Crisis
Group, 2020). Exposing the nature of conflicts in different parts of the world such as Iran,
Africa, and other parts is a call for a unified approach to end the conflict.



International Crisis Group. (2020). 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2020 [Video]. YouTube.