Sample Essay on Whitepaper Plastic Waste Recycling Research Proposal

Whitepaper Plastic Waste Recycling


Plastics’ recycling is a sophisticated approach designed to help in the reduction of environmental pollution in the campus (Ross and Evans 570). Additionally, there are improper ways demonstrated by students that they use to dispose polythene plastics and bags. This innovation entails the establishment of a small-size plant for recycling plastics in the campus. Among the activities of this plant will be melting plastic materials which will then be used in producing plastic poles and manila threads as the final products.

Additionally, there will also be bins for collecting waste in different locations around and within the campus. Such locations include busy paths, classrooms, and hostels. Several people will be responsible for collecting this waste on daily basis. Once the waste gets into the plant, separation of plastics from the other wastes will be done manually.

The Chosen Whitepaper Topic

Plastics’ recycling is viewed as an ideal topic in this paper since it entails an innovation whose aim is help in solving environmental problems that plastic wastes cause in the campus. Actually, plastics’ recycling ensures that the environment is free of waste materials while utilizing waste plastics in the production of new products. This creates additional space in the landfills (Ross and Evans 570).

Demand for the limited resources is reduced through recycling. This is because recycling materials reduces the cost of their production substantially (Dubey et al. 33). Recycling processes consume low energy when compared to the process of using raw materials to produce similar products. This means that recycling is a cheaper approach because melting plastics requires less energy or heat due to the fact that the melting points of plastics are low. This will be an eco-friendly innovation and it will promote low costs and a clean environment.  Economically, students will be able to raise funds which can be used to finance tuition charges ad meet other financial needs.

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Reason for the Selected Innovation

The selection of this innovation was aimed at countering the disadvantages that plastic wastes have when disposed inappropriately. Additionally, there are many plastic items lying all over the university as waste. These include packages of refreshment drinks and shopping bags. Poor disposal of plastics is harmful to human health and the environment. Naturally, plastic are non-biodegradable. Thus, poor plastics disposal leads to environmental pollutions. In addition, plastics stay in the environment in form of waste for a long period.

Consequently, this can be a great and long term risk to the environment and the health of the people (Mudgal et al 11). Plastics’ recycling has been chosen as the best option that will help in addressing this challenge. This is because other methods of disposing plastics effectively are very costly. As such, an innovative plastics’ recycling technique will help in dealing with the environmental problems caused by plastics at a reasonable rate. In most cases, students do not follow the proper guidelines for disposing plastics. This has always caused environmental pollution (Michael 1).


This proposal has presented a detailed analysis of a new innovative method that can be used to conserve the environment and to protect the health of the people in the university. Innovation here entails the setting up of the recycling plant in the campus. Plastics’ recycling will take place in this plant where new products will be produced. The ability of this idea to curb environmental pollution makes it an ideal choice. It is also affordable because it requires less energy as compared to the production of new products with raw materials. The development of this idea follows the wayward act of students who dispose plastic wastes in a wrong way.

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