Sample Essay on Vital Capacity

Vital Capacity

Vital capacity is a phrase that is used to define the maximum amount of air that an individual is capable of expelling from his or her lungs after maximum inhalation. This capacity is equivalent to the sum of inspiratory reserve volume, expiratory reserve volume and the tidal volume. In order to measure a person’s vital capacity, a regular or wt spirometer can be used. The main reason why it is always important to measure a person’s vital capacity is to assist in determining whether he or she may be suffering from an underlying lung disease.

Irrespective of an individual, it should be noted that the normal vital capacity of an adult should be between 3 to 5L. However, there are slight variations that can be experienced in the vital capacity of each individual. This is usually based on sex, height, weight, age and even ethnicity. A person who has a low vital capacity is usually as a result of obesity, disability or even a chronic respiratory disease. In such people, the vital capacity can be increased.

The most ideal avenue towards increasing vital capacity is through exercise. The reason why performing workouts isImage 2 an ideal way of increasing vital capacity is because since the muscles require additional nutrients in the process of exercise, the lungs will take in more oxygen. Besides, they will need to expand further in order to take in extra oxygen compared to when the body is at rest. When exercises are conducted consistently, a person is also able to enhance the overall health of their lungs. However, it should be noted that there are specific exercises that a person should indulge in so as to enhance their vital capacity.

It is advisable that when one is looking towards increasing their vital capacity, they need to indulge in exercises that require the lungs to take in more oxygen. Some of the recommended exercises include counted breathing, underwater workouts, cardiovascular exercises, high elevation workouts, playing a wind instrument among others. Indulging in such exercises daily can be useful in increasing the lung capacity over a period of time. Exercising the lungs enables them to get inflated and maintain the vital capacity. Thus, we will also be able to maintain our oxygen levels.

Each person should always aspire to acquire larger vital capacities in order to keep oxygen levels at a position where they are available to the brain and the entire body. There are several health conditions that one can be exposed to when we fail to keep our lungs open like pneumonia. In fact, this can also hinder the lungs from being properly inflated such that certain areas may tend to collapse or faced with a condition known as micro-atelectasis.

Vital capacity can significantly increase with the height of a person and decrease as age advances. Smoking is one of the main causes of decrease in vital capacity. In fact, studies indicate that females who begin smoking at adolescent are more likely to develop low vital capacity compared to their male counterparts.

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