Sample Essay on US Electoral College

US Electoral College

The US Electoral College is the highly presumed institution that legitimately elects the president and the vice president of the United States.  It is a process that is established in the United States constitution. An Electoral College is made up of 538 electors who take part in the elections.  Electors are the chosen and authorized constitutional participants who foresee the success of an election and are chosen by a popular vote on a state-to-state strategy. Hence, U.S president and the vice president are not directly elected by the voters, but Citizens vote for the electors who pick the best candidate.

There is a deep-rooted history on the U.S Electoral College. The year 1787 changed the face and history of America. It was an era when a group of national leaders drafted the U.S constitution whilst another group decided that the average citizen should not elect a president without a system to link the process – the Electoral College.  At the time, many politicians believed that the most popular candidate was likely to win the election and this was a uncontrolled strategy that favors certain areas.

The Electoral College process worked effectively until 1800 when there was a tied election outcome between Arron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. But electors from both parties were selected to elect the best candidate. This outcome also resulted to 12th amendment of the Unites States constitution which clarified more on the electoral voting process. Today, each state has to present a number of electors’ equivalent to the number of senators and its representatives.

Despite being the most effective election process in United States, the Electoral College has been faced by a number of critics and proposals. Unfortunately, most of the debaters have been trying to abolish the Electoral College. Those against the U.S Electoral College and preferred a direct popular vote of the president cite issues such as;

  • The possibility of having “faithless” electors.
  • Risk of electing a minority president who has fewer numbers of votes.
  • Failure to of the electors to reflect the national popular voter will and
  • Possibility of the Electoral College in disappointing voter turnout.

Supporters of the U.S Electoral College have normally stood to defend it on its logical ground asserting that;

  • It brings out the consistency of the nation by ensuring distribution of the popular support to rightfully elected president.
  • It also boosts the status of minority interests
  • The process also maintains a federal way of government and exceptional representation
  • It also contributes to the political stability of the nation by boosting a two-party system.

The U.S Electoral College has played great roles over 50 presidential and vice president elections. It has also been in the forefront to pledging peaceful presidential elections that meet and gratify the needs of the people.  The Electoral College has stood as an essential piece of American Federalist democracy for many years and millions Americans treasure it to date. Hence, due to its transparency and consistence in the election process, no one should have any qualms voting for his or her desired candidate.

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