Sample Essay on The Statement on Desire to enter a Program

The Statement on Desire to enter a Program

My statement of desire is related to a Master’s degree program which is offered at Cape Breton University. I am a Saudi Arabia citizen with the wish of pursuing Master’s program at the stated university. I currently possess a degree in Community Economic Development from the same university. I desire to attain my second degree in this university due to the various services offered by the institution. I have greatly benefited in various ways as a result of exclusive programs the university offers. In this regard Cape my passion is to carry on with the mutual cooperation I enjoy with the university. Cape Breton University is rated among the best universities in the world pertaining to its academic programs which are well formulated. Additionally, the programs offered takes into consideration all students regardless of their cultural and social orientations. As such, I was in a position to learn much while undertaking degree program, I was able to enjoy both economic and social interaction I had with the institution.

As a student pursuing Bachelor in business administration, I must commend the institution for the excellent work it has carried out in transformation of my economic and social welfare. The greatest desire is attributable to life transformation skills I acquired from the university. The university has experienced numerous achievements as a result of institutional programs that have been put into place. As such, today the fraternity of students enjoys self-reliance and pride which they have acquired from the university. For example, I witnessed majority of professional attest the skills they gleaned from the university hence enhancing my desire for readmission request in order to Image 2pursue my masters and sharpen my skills. I dream of joining professionals who successfully have completed their academics at the university. Apart from skills provided, the university also offers multi-directional programs taking into consideration of varying cultural backgrounds. The fraternity of students makes up a high percentage of the campus as well as their social life. Institutions responding to the cultural and social plights of students have the chance to attain its flagship in the long and short run. The importance of hard work as fostered by the university is great as the students have already established high level of competence as well as cooperation within the job marker.

While undertaking my Bachelors at the University, I was conferred good treatment and eventually I gained professional qualifications. Business Administration is a subject that is life transforming since it boosts the confidence of students. Knowledge and skills delivery in the subject is exclusive as all students are guaranteed understanding. The aspect is complemented by the high level of competence that is exhibited by the lecturers. The institution also offers opportunities to the competent staff best suited for the subject. With the high competence level, I am certain of undertaking my dutiful roles as a student not just in class but outside as well. Apart from competence, the university also offers a syllabus that is elaborate and which captures the current need for labor in the market. On the basis of my grade, I have to confess there is a huge boost in my life as I am looked upon as a social mentor by many. My knowledge and experience, in my country has proved beneficial to the entire society. Business Administration comprises adopting important leadership techniques in contemporary society. Acquiring these skills helps students undertake daily activities. The academic and social skills I have acquired from the university have also generated excellent leadership skills techniques in me. For instance, in the last couple of years since joining the university, I have become part of minds that think of self-reliance and a group that believes in delivering services within the society.

My acceptance into Master’s program will help me realize the skills I have not acquired. My belief is that of serving the society and making a difference among the people and I feel having Bachelors is enough to suffice the intentions I have towards the community. Additionally I have to create an assurance that my potentials and reputations cannot be disputed as I have applied them in various contexts of activities that are life transforming. Cape Breton is the brainchild and home to these achievements and there are no interests that are un-deviated to identify with the institution. Apart from that, the institution also falls within the category of centers of excellence throughout the world. The reputation the University has generated within the public is great and all people long to be part of life changing events that are part of the university. As a master student, I believe my current state of knowledge in order to improve and expand my skills. The amazing social discoveries and experience in an individual of key responsibilities the university holds. In social context, the university also acknowledges every belief and religion and creates important social aspect in relation to the freedom of worship.

Master’s Program is an aspect of learning through which the university plays an important role. My desire is joining the group of graduates with relevant community development skills. The community at a global scope needs graduates with great potential in the economy and with the academic and moral obligation of applying the skills they have acquired in transformation of lives.

This is part of the great achievements I aspire to get from the university once I am accepted under the Master’s 4program. Our mutual cooperation will lead to success of the various processes with an accord that is life changing. Life in Breton University is characterized by enjoyment and fun. Different kinds of excitements relate to exclusive facilities that fit into the compound. In this regard, transition into another campus in order to acquire my master’s degree will be a hard affair due to the moments I have experienced at the institution.

My previous performance in the past while at the campus has proven awesome as I have always cooperated with the university. During the time I was a bachelor’s student, I steered various social operations. For example, my personality during group work and other extra curriculum activities earned me the reverence and reputation not just within but outside campus. The leadership of spirit and cooperation as are of great importance in education that is offered at the university. Unlike other Universities, the University offers education that is exclusive capturing all diversity fields. To conclude, I have the desire of joining programs that are well supported by evidence and which are provided in the university. My inspiration, hope and expectations are aimed at transforming the society through the skills I will get from the university. I eagerly await your letter of approval and promise to collaborate with you fully.

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