Sample Essay on The Main Importance of Tigris River

The Main Importance of Tigris River

A brief background about the Tigris River

The Tigris River is one of two rivers that flow in Mesopotamia which is modern day Iraq. Even though it starts on the eastern part, it joins River Euphrates and flows from Turkey into Iraq. The river is 1,900 km long and is one of the more important sources of water in the Middle East.

The major benefits of the Tigris River

There are several key roles that Tigris River plays. These include:

  • Source of water. The Tigris River has always been regarded as an important source of water for the arid and semi arid lands in both Turkey and Iraq. Both Iraq and Turkey have diverted some of the water from this river to create irrigation channels for their lands. Dams and water reservoirs have been constructed to harvest some of the water from the river for human activities. It is possible to farm using this water despite the arid conditions of the land along which it flows. This river has indeed sustained crops and human being in the dry areas.
  • Source of food. Tigris River is a major source of fish of different species. Many of the inhabitants who live along the river have relied on this river for food for many years. It is not just human beings that rely on the river for food, animals and birds as well get food from it.
  • Transport mode. From time immemorial, Tigris River has been considered a major mode of transport. Duringimages the civilization era, most goods and people were transported through this river. This has not changed and today water channels such as canals have been constructed to accommodate different vessels that pass through the Tigris River.
  • Source of livelihood. Many people who live along the Tigris River consider it a source of revenue. There are fishermen who obtain fish from the river and sell it to consumers. There are also those who operate different vessels across the river and help to ferry both people and goods. During constructions of dams and waterways, many people get employment from activities related to the river.
  • Source of energy. Hydro power from the Tigris River has helped to save energy while providing electricity to different parts of the region surrounding the river. Many people who live near the river can get cheap hydroelectric power because of its role as a source of energy.
  • Means of recreation. There are also many people who use the Tigris River as a means of recreation. These include both inhabitants of the regions around the river and tourists who visit the region. These people engage in a range of water activities that include swimming, sailing, kayaking and fishing amongst other things.

In the recent past, many controversies have arisen concerning the Tigris River. This is because there are environmental concerns surrounding it. With Turkey constructing major dams at the mouth of the river, Iraq is worried about interference with the normal flow of the river. The government has also relaxed its laws and the river has become a dumping site for both dirt and sometimes dead bodies.