Sample Essay on The Influence of Religion on Life

The Influence of Religion on Life

A sociological factor is any aspect that has a direct impact on our lifestyles. Religion is such one factor that this paper will discuss comprehensively in regard to my life.

Religion has shaped my eating habits in that it has made me feel I have less control over my life. It has instilled in me resistance to junk food by declaring certain plant and animal species as unclean. Therefore, any food that has had contact with the species is out of bounds. The religious reminder is there to help me keep off these foods that are to some extent termed by nutritionists as junk.

Attending church activities is exposure to obesity as a result of participation in Sunday potlucks. Other foods associated with worship as comfort to believers are also likely to contribute to excessive weight gain. Smoking is known to reduce the human lifespan; I hope to live longer and be free from long term effects of smoking like cancer, thanks to my religion that prohibits the act (Foley 34).

There is social joy experienced from being part of a regular service. Coming together at places of worship enhances social networking that in turn brings about life satisfaction. Self-esteem is a feeling of self-appreciation. My religion instills in me a sense of belonging to the larger culture. The more I feel I belong, the more I feel happier. This religious benefit is more enjoyable because of my country of residence that embraces religion as important and is thus widespread.

It is human to make mistakes. Anytime that I make mistakes in my life, I depend on the faith I have in my religion to soothe the anxiety. Am thus able to settle the setbacks gracefully. Major setbacks in life result to depression. Besides the psychiatric treatments, what has worked for me is the belief in a supreme being who cares and can free me from my problems. With religion being an intrinsic part of my life, my mental struggles are less weighty (Foley 69).

People dread visits to the doctor, yet it is the best way towards a healthy life. Due to the social support from fellow believers, it is easy to access preventative care. Regular checks at the hospitals have become essential to me, just like going for treatment itself (Foley 56).

Regular visits to a place of worship are a source of information for me in preventing high blood pressure. There are lessons from fellow believers on how to cope with stress. There is a relaxation boost associated with singing and praying, as well performing other religious rituals. Religion has added to the list of my stress-management practices.

The relationship with parents has bettered. Religion has taught me to be respectful to them in order to receive more blessings including a promise of a longer life. Through charitable deeds embraced by my religion, I am able to determine the heartbeat of others and understand their needs. Religion has instilled in me the spirit of sharing with the less fortunate. It is through religion that my life has shaped, and I am able to take full control of it. The teachings of religion to avoid sexual activities that result in contagious diseases has made me behave more responsibly. Children are a gift, but faith has made me realize that the gift is best valuable when it has been planned by the parties involved. It has thus become my responsibility to ensure there is no reproduction before wedlock (Foley 91).

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