Sample Essay on the Effects of Smoking on Respiratory Capacity

Effects of Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is loathed by many due to the risks of cancers that it poses to the victims. Apart from just the cancers that smoking can cause, it also affects the lungs. In fact, studies indicate that almost 90% of all the cases of lung cancer are as a result of smoking. Smoking greatly impairs the respiratory system. The most common health conditions that result from smoking are lung cancer and obstructive pulmonary disease.

There are several effects that smoking has on the respiratory system of those involved. Exposing children and infants to passive smoke increases their risk of wheezing, severity and frequency of attacks by asthma,  coughs and lower respiratory tract infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. Besides this, it can also increase the risk of acute and chronic middle-ear disease that is common in children.

There is also considerable evidence that links passive smoke exposure in adults with the increased risk of lung cancer infections and ischaemic heart disease. As a result of smoking, asthma is precipitated and even its severity is significantly increased. New evidence from Jaakkola et al, 2003 also points out that the beginning on asthma in adults may be induced through exposure to passive smoke.

The consequences of smoking apply to both active and passive smokers. Going by the studies that have been conducted by various health institutions, there is a reduced respiratory capacity in both those who are exposed to smoke passive as well as those who engage in the habit. The findings are associated to with a variety of factors that include increased bronchial reactivity, increased airflow, and increased vocal fold mass.  It should be noted that the effects of smoking on respiratory capacity can be experienced by both young and accomplished smokers. Provided that one has been exposed to smoke, there are higher chances that they may suffer the consequences.

Image 2In order to understand the results of smoking on respiratory capacity, it is important that you also get to know about how the problem generally begins. Cigarette is made from tobacco and a variety of chemicals. All the ingredients that are used in the manufacture of cigarettes are harmful to the body in one way or another. Since smoke is inhaled, the first effects of smoking are felt on the respiratory tract. In fact, this is also the place that is usually mostly affected by health conditions that result from smoking.

In the event that a person smokes cigarette or is exposed to smoking passively, the smoke is inhaled and travels along the respiratory tract to the lungs. The passage through which the smoke travels retains some deposits of the chemicals. As long as a person continues to smoke, the chemicals and particles from cigarette smoke builds up along the respiratory tract. The effects can be felt within a short period of time since accumulation of the cigarette chemicals like tar and nicotine can lead to difficulty in breath, pain the respiratory tract among several other effects.

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