Sample Essay on the Effects of Globalization on Non Western Cultures

Globalization on Non Western Cultures

Effects of globalization on non western cultures can be seen in different spheres of human interactions. These include the political, economic, environmental, technological, and social spheres. Generally, globalization is sweeping different areas of the social life of the non western societies.

Non western cultures include the Chinese, Indian and African cultures which have been affected by globalization. Before globalization, Chinese, Indians and Africans had distinctive cultures. However, the globalized world presents difficult challenges and new opportunities for the non western cultures or societies.

Due to globalization, non western societies are feeling the forces of westernization, democratic ideologies and technology. For this reason, some of these societies see globalization as an invasion by the western countries.

Initially, some non western cultures marginalized some groups of the society. With globalization, such cultures are now facing a challenge with some of them being faced out of the contemporary society. Some of the belief systems and traditional cultures in the non western cultures are now seen as ancient and unfit for the contemporary society.

Cultural perceptions that some non western cultures perpetuated such as perceptions on domestic violence, psychological wellbeing and mental health have also changed dramatically with globalization. The ways of thinking and lives of the people who practice most non western cultures have also changed with globalization.

For instance, in the past the position of a woman in some non western cultures was in the kitchen. The woman was supposed to give birth, take care of the family and attend to domestic chores. This way of thinking and living has changed with globalization.

Today, women participate in economic and political activities alongside men. Women are also doing what such cultures reserved for men only. Thus, globalization has played a significant role in ensuring gender equality in some non western cultures.

Culture is not static and it is learned as one grows. Non western culture has been influenced by the western culture that is spread in different ways. For instance, the Chinese education system has been affected by globalization. New curriculums and courses have been introduced in the education system.

This implies that young people in China are no longer learning their indigenous culture. Instead, they are learning culture that has been influenced by the western culture. Other aspects of non western cultures that have been affected by globalization include language, symbols, religion, expressions, stories, songs and social celebrations.

Generally, the effects of globalization on non western culture are diverse and immense. Cultural behaviors of people have changed in different ways due to globalization. To fit in the contemporary world, globalization has forced people to change their ways of life in the non western cultures.  Thus, new cultures have been shaped in non western societies by the forces of globalization.

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