Sample Essay on the Effects of Globalization on Indian Culture

Globalization on Indian Culture

Effects of globalization on Indian culture are depicted in different cultural aspects. India has one of the richest cultures in the world. However the overwhelming effects of globalization are now visible in the Indian culture.

For instance, due to globalization Christianity has spread in India with some Hindu believers being converted to Christianity.  Religion is an important aspect of the culture of any society and this is the case in India. However, despite religion playing a significant role in the lives of the Indians, Hinduism is gradually being replaced by Christianity in some places.

Apart from giving up their religion, the new converts are also adapting the new culture that comes with Christianity. This includes dressing like the Englishmen and even emulating them in other ways of life. Thus, globalization has enhanced the spread of Christianity and cultural changes in India.

Societal roles have also changed with globalization in India. The traditional culture in India defines a clear social Proofreading-Editinghierarchy. Children are made to know their places and roles in the society from their early age. However, these roles are now changing with women performing roles that were initially performed by men only.

The family as a social unit also depicts the effects of globalization on the Indian culture. Having joint family systems is part of the Indian culture. The traditional practice of the Indian society has always been to have arranged marriages. However, this is changing with globalization. Some Indian men and women are defying this tradition and picking their marriage partners contrary to the Indian culture.

India has one of the best and most popular foods in the world. Indian herbs and spices are popular even in the western cultures. However, this cuisine is now facing threat from the foods of other cultures. Globalization has made Chinese foods, burgers, pizzas and other foreign foods popular in India.

Clothing is part of the Indian culture. Traditionally, Indian men dressed in Dhoti while women dressed in saris. Women could wear fancy blouses and men shirts while little girls dressed in pavada. However, globalization has affected this and there is the indo-western clothing in India. This is a fusion of the sub-continental and western fashion. The effects of globalization on the Indian culture can clearly be seen with some young people in India wearing min skirts, t-shirts and jeans.

Indian music and dances have also been affected by globalization. Indian music includes folk, religious, pop, classical and popular music. Among the popular dances in India include Odissi, kuchipudi, kathak and bharatanatyam among others. With globalization, western music is gaining popularity in India. Western dances such as hip hop, jazz, balley and salsa are gaining popularity among the young people in India.

Education which is vital in passing cultural practices has also been affected by globalization. Young people in the villages who never used to attend school before are now going to school. There are also new schools in the villages.

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