Sample Essay on the Effects of Globalization on China

Globalization on China

There are many effects of globalization on China. Globalization has affected many countries across the world and changed the way people live in the current era. In simple terms, globalization can be defined as the mixing of economic and cultural influences that have existed for many years in different parts of the world.

In China, globalization has brought challenges and opportunities. For this reason, China has to come up with strategies and policies that will enable it to overcome the challenges and to exploit the opportunities. Implementation of these strategies and policies has made China to experienced significant effects of globalization.

Globalization has forced China to adopt an opening-up policy. This can be seen from the way China is opening up to both the developing and the developed countries. It has done this in the economic field and other aspects of social development.

This opening up is not a blind one but a strategy that has enabled China to find a path for development. This path Proofreading-Editingsuits the national situation of China and it is aimed at enabling it to enhance its economic growth. Thus, China is not just following the whims of globalization but adopting strategies that will enable it to benefit from globalization.

Many countries across the world are coming together to enhance their risk-resistance ability. China has not been left behind. It is promoting regional cooperation to enhance its risk-resistance ability. For instance, it has signed a Framework Agreement with the ASEAN. This agreement is aimed at enhancing regional economic cooperation.

China is also more vigilant in observing global happenings and taking appropriate measures. This explains why China was able to withstand the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Thus, by adopting strategies that enables it to cope with globalization, China has been able to take control of its economy.

Additionally, China has also called for the establishment of a fresh international economic order. This order should provide globalized cooperation and regulation. It should also involve all countries whether rich or poor, small or big, weak or strong.

Effects of globalization on China can also be seen in cultural changes that have occurred in this country. Chinese culture is very rich in terms of music, dresses, foods and festivals among other cultural aspects. However, this culture has not been spared by globalization. By learning new things from other cultures Chinese have adopted new ways of doing things such as how they trade with other people.

Some people in China have also adopted western culture and abandoned their own culture. Education is part of the Chinese culture and it has also been affected by globalization with new curriculums and courses being introduced in the Chinese education system. There are people who also prefer t-shirts and jeans as a way of dressing yet these were not part of the traditional Chinese culture.

Chinese traditional food has also been affected by globalization with the introduction of western foods such as cheese.

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