Sample Essay on The Discovery of 2012 VP113

The Discovery of 2012 VP113

The solar system is extensive and a good field to venture in, there are many interesting things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Scientists have been extending their research capacity about and beyond the solar system; their research has led to the discovery of a new distant dwarf planet called 2012 VP113. Dwarf planet is an item on the circular path that goes around the sun. The object should contain its own gravity of pulling itself into nearly taking a ball like shape (National Aeronautics and Space Administration 2014).  2012 VP113 is situated away from the mark line of the solar system and it is a new member of the distant objects.

   The discovery of 2012 VP113 was reported first by Scott Sheppard of Carnegie Institution for Science and his counterpart Chadwick Trujillo from the Gemini Observatory. The Solar System is divided into;  planets closer to the sun, planets further out and objects furthest from the sun (Landau, E. 2014). There is Oort cloud which is assumed to host a large number of distant objects. Sedna was discovered in 2003, its uniqueness was ruled out by the discovery of 2012 VP113. Sedna was said to be the object most furthest from the boundary of the deep space, Pluto also was said to be the furthest in the past.

Sheppard suggested that he search for more objects beyond Sedna and 2012 VP113 should not stop, it should be done day in day out. This will provide more insights on how the deep space was formed and how it has been evolving (SciTechDaily 2014). These discoveries will help to rule out on the various theories that surround the formation of Oort cloud. The nature of scientists to discover things will be fulfilled by extensive research on the newly discovered object. This discovery heightens the attention of extending research beyond the galaxy.   


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