Sample Essay on Technological Factors Affecting Tourism

Technological Factors Affecting Tourism

Tourism is an industry that is considered to be quite volatile and unpredictable. Thus, it can be easily impacted by almost all kinds of factors including social, economic, political, environmental, legal as well as technological. However, this paper specifically examines some of the technological factors that impact the tourism sector. Going by the trends, technology is constantly changing. These changes can have different impacts on the tourism industry.

Technological factors in the tourism industry are quite many and can range from medical developments to the innovation of space tourism. Besides, it is also through technology that communication has been enhanced, an achievement that has been very helpful to the tourism industry. Through the development of better communication technologies, many people have been swayed to engage in tourist activities since it has enhanced safety. In fact, it has enabled tourists to now communicate easily with their families and others at their own convenience, thus, peace of mind. Besides, the development of enhanced communication has also made it much easier for people who are interested in tourism to make bookings and plan with travel agencies at their own convenience. Thanks to technology, tourists can now conduct bookings easily through the internet.

Another technological factor that continues to grow the tourism industry is innovation. It is as a result of technologyimages that tourists can now have a choice of how to enjoy their vacations with regards to traveling vessels. Today, there are spacecrafts that can be used by those who are interested in touring the space and other bodies that people were unable to visit in the past. Technology has greatly enhanced the tourism sector since it has brought in a new life and meaning to the industry. There are even some kinds of equipment that tourists can now enjoy using while on vacation to make their experience more fulfilling.

Infrastructure is yet another technological factor that affects tourism. In the past, many people would not go on tours to certain places as a result of poor infrastructure like road and rail networks, lack of hotels and resorts among others. As a result of technology, better road and rail networks have been developed; resorts and hotels are being developed, thus enhancing tourism activities. However, it should be noted that not all the problems regarding infrastructure have been successfully solved since there are still quite a number of nations and regions lagging behind. This only hurts the tourism sector since it scares away potential tourists.

Technology has led to the development of various kinds of safety gadgets that can be used in the case of disasters. For instance, today it is much easier for tourists to even tell the weather conditions in various places that they plan to visit. This has played a major role in instilling confidence in tourists such that they can now visit various places without worries. This has enabled many people to embrace tourism as an activity. Without such gadgets, not so many people would be interested in tourism.

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