Sample Essay on Spanish American War Timeline

Spanish American War Timeline

The timeline of Spanish American war is one that covers key events that lead to a 10 week conflict between the USA and Spain in 1898. This timeline illustrates the drifting relationship between the Spanish and US that ended in Spanish American War.

1800 After long discussions with Cubans residing in the US, Jose Marti in 1892, 10th April co-founded Cuban Revolutionary party. The purpose of the party was winning independence for the Cubans. It was a response to nearly fifteen years of economic expansion, growth of trade, diminishing trade with Spain and great dissatisfaction with the injustices of socio-economic and peninsular Caste system.
1801 The Spanish policy is reversed by France opening the Mississippi River.
1803 Napoleon accepted fifteen million dollars from President Jefferson. This was for Louisiana territory while Spain retained suspicions about the plans the US had on its territory.
1805 A secret delegation is sent by president Jefferson to Cuba for purposes of negotiating with Spain to purchase Cuba. Jefferson does this because of his belief that the location of Cuba is a strategic one capable of protecting the interests of the US since Cuba recognized slavery.
1894 The Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act was enacted by the US Congress and it imposed high tariffs on sugar. There was also Spanish tariff suspensions on American goods leading to fears the US would retaliate not only against Cuba but other colonies that belonged to the Spanish through increasing tariffs on sugar. Such events would devastate the economy of the island and producers of Cuban sugar would unite in order to get the tariffs lowered.

There are two major events that took place:

  • On 24th February in Baire town close to Santiago de Cuba, Marti issued Grito de Baire thus igniting Cuban independence war. In a span of 18 months, insurrectionists have fifty thousand men under uprisings and arms throughout the island.
  • The president of the United States, Grover Cleveland on 12th June issued a declaration that declared the US held a neutral position in the Cuban independence war.
1896 ü  On 10th February, after losing a section of the eastern Cuba part to revolutionaries and witnessing outbreak insurrection in Western provinces Cuban governor Arsenio Martinez-Campos y Anton is replaced and Weyler, First Rubi Duke. Weyler begun a re-concentration in which people held in rebel regions were rounded up then put into concentration camps. Weyler also brought in over two hundred thousand Army troops and also organized fifty thousand Cubans and peninsulars into a militia that was pro-Spanish.

ü  In November, William Jennings Bryan was defeated by William McKinley becoming the US president.

Spanish American war, just like other American wars was shaped by several events though it also has several Proofreading-Editingreversals and sudden halts.

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