Sample Essay on Social Economic Factors Affecting Tourism

Social Economic Factors Affecting Tourism

Tourism remains the backbone of most economies in the world in terms providing jobs to people and earning revenues to governments across the globe. While this is the case, it is important to note that there are various factors, which affect Tourism in the world. These factors vary from country to country depending on other prevailing conditions in the market. In this essay, we shall discuss socio-economic factors that effect tourism industry.

The leading factor affecting tourism development is accessibility. Experts argue that this is the most important because of its impact. For instance, a city or nation can only thrive in tourism if it is accessible. In other words, it must have effective transport and communication networks to attract tourists. This infrastructure includes good road, modern airports, railway line and well-developed water transport systems. Accessibility allows tourists to visit all attraction sites with ease, devoid of inconveniences and extra costs. If a tourist wishes to visit far attraction sites in remote areas, within a short time, then the best alternative is flying. However, this can only happen if the government has tourism industry at heart and has invested heavily in the sector. In most cases, tourists hardly prefer waterways unless one wants to enjoy luxurious experience to visit isolated areas like attractive islands.

The second socio-economic factor that affects tourism is accommodation. Tourists prefer visiting places, which offer good accommodation and catering services. However, tourists have varying tastes and preferences for these facilities. For example, their lifestyles, expected services, standard of living and financial ability largely determine their choices. Accommodation centers ought to be classified i.e. star hotels for proper planning.

A wide range of classes gives tourists easy time selecting the most convenient and affordable package. Prices for these services have to be reasonable, as no one would wish to spend his or her whole fortunes on trip to an island or a visit to a national park somewhere. It is up to the government to carry out baseline surveys and establish the accommodation needs of its tourism sector in order to offer viable solutions. Besides standard accommodation facilities, security also plays a major role as tourism sectors in terror-free countries thrive more than in areas prone to war and attacks.

Thirdly, existing amenities largely affect the growth of tourism in the market. Besides a country developing tourist attraction sites, these have to be well maintained to earn reasonable and sustainable revenue to the people. Other facilities should be present to make the site a complete haven of fun. Among these amenities, include surfing, skiing, fishing, safari adventure, rowing, and roping among others. Besides these, emergency services should be present. For example, tourists need evacuation in case of an emergency like accident or security alert. Such services include the availability of ambulance services, emergency call lines and standby choppers to airlift victims whenever need arises. Where tourist attraction sites are privately owned, it would be the responsibility of shareholders to provide these services. Otherwise, the government has to invest in tourism amenities to make it a lucrative source of revenue. Other ancillary services like banking, hospitals, internet and insurance are also important in attracting and holding tourists. All these factors work toward economic development whenever the industry thrives.

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