Sample Essay on Sikhism Perspective of Life after Death

 Sikhism Perspective of Life after Death

Sikhism perspective of life after death holds that people should live their lives without worrying about afterlife. Instead, they should focus on their ethical actions as well as piety in the current life. Mukti or liberation is a metaphor for best results that are achievable in afterlife. Sikhs envision this as the finding of unification with creator in his court.

Being ethical or doing well in a cycle of death and birth or going and coming or even reincarnation has led to human life that has to use this opportunity in reaching divine court. This implies that Sikh beliefs combine the idea of reincarnation that brings life to human with that of afterlife or paradise-like divine court of the creator. As such, since death offers this opportunity, individuals should not fear death.

Conception of Guru Nanak was that regardless of religious allegiances, worldly actions will be accounted for through a divine process that is beyond the understanding of humans. If an individual has lived a good life whether non-Sikh or Sikh has nothing to worry about or fear. The exact location or picture of divine court is just a moot point in the thought of a Sikh, for pious and ethical living, itself is an end. Worldly court of Guru was compared to Court of Kartar by the writers of the time of Guru. Individuals who sought protection of Guru selflessly got shelter in the current world and life after.

Liberation cannot be achieved by renouncing early pleasures of the world. It can only be achieved by simply seeking Image 2Kartar by living a societal and productive life. This implies that family life is important feature in achieving liberation because it is a commitment to social and ethical living. The soul will be liberated by divine grace. This comes with performance of meritorious actions and ethical living which prepares an individual to welcome or receive this grace. This grace is the ultimate and it is bestowed by creator only.

A Sikh servant that lived in the early 1600s, Bhai Gurdas notes that there are actions that are particularly meritorious in the spiritual path. Meritorious implies literally faithful or saphal. While patronage systems in some religious traditions equate merit with the donations for the religious establishment, Bhai Gurdas notes that teaching another person or Sikh how they should read the scripture is meritorious just like funding golden temples, since holy congregations offer regular opportunities for Sikhs to listen to and apply the scripture, pilgrimages are not considered necessary.

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