Sample Essay on Russian Revolution Timeline

 Russian Revolution Timeline

The Russian revolution was an event that will forever remain in the history of the nation. It was marked with lots of activities that have been documented over the years. This paper highlights some of the most dramatic and significant events that took place during the Russian revolution and how they occurred over time.

It is believed by many that the genesis of the Russian Revolution can be traced back to 1894 when Czar Nicholas was crowned to assume the seat of power. After the death of Alexander III, Nicholas became the new leader. One year later, Lenin’s brother; Vladmir Lenin is thrown into exile after being arrested on grounds that he was planning to assassinate Nicholas for power. He was kept in confinement for one year and one month then exiled to Siberia for 36 months.

In 1903, the Russian Social Democrat Party holds a meeting; however, the meeting does not turn out so well. The Proofreading-Editingpeople are split into two factions with some throwing their support over Lenin while others a different leader. Among the two groups, there were those who identified themselves as the majority (Bolsheviks) and others as the minority (Mensheviks).

In 1905, a revolution breaks out in St. Petersburg. However, it does not last for long before being put off by Czar Nicholas. The revolution was triggered by Tsarist troops that opened fire on peaceful demonstrators at St. Petersburg. This was followed by a general strike across Russia. Referred to as the Bloody Sunday, the revolution came to a close when Nicholas promised the people a constitution.

In 1914, World War I breaks out and Nicholas is forced to take charge of commanding the Russian army in order to protect his country from the devastation presented by the war. Two years later, reports surface of the death of Rasputin. Having been introduced to the aristocracy 12 years ago, many Russians did not like him.

In February 1917, another revolution begins. The people refused to report to work and took to the streets in protest of Nicholas’ rule. Many were unhappy with the way he governed the country, thus, took to the streets to express their anger. One month later, Czar Nicholas tries to step down in favor of his brother but the later refuses. In July, Lenin comes back from exile and tries to take over the temporary government formed by Russian aristocrats but fails retreats to hiding.

In October 1917, Lenin succeeds in taking over the government. He splits the Russian Social Democrat Labor party and creates his own before taking control of Russia. In 1918, he signs a treaty to pull Russia out of WWI. Later in the year, he had arranged and had Czar Nicholas and his family killed.

In March 1918, Lenin changes the name of his political party to the Communist Party. Four years later, he would join hands with Joseph Stalin after establishing the United Soviet Socialists Republic. The two worked together in imposing communist policies on the people. In 1924, Vladmir Lenin passes on leaving Joseph Stalin to take over the throne. Stalin would go on to rule Russia using communist ideologies for several years to come.

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