Sample Essay on Role of NGOs in Municipal Solid waste Management

Role of NGOs in Municipal Solid waste Management

Huge amounts of municipal solid waste create massive challenges for all Asian cities across the economic spectrum. The issues and  vary as such the techniques used to manage solid waste should vary in accordance to local conditions as this is the only way to maintain sustainability.

Most of the Asian cities are home to over 1 million billion people and by 2025, it is expected it will be inhabited by over 4 billion people. Half of this population is found in cities and is expected to produce over 180 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per day. Waste managed by municipalities includes waste from offices, small businesses, restaurants and households.

However, in other countries especially those that have limited waste legislation, it might include waste from some of the small industrial plants. NGOs play an important role in municipal solid waste management in these countries. Some of these include the following:

  • They provide prominent support to waste workers in the informal sector and enterprises so they can organize themselves to improve working facilities and conditions, increase earnings and also extend access to some of the important social services like schooling for children and healthcare.Proofreading-Editing
  • When NGOs come into the picture, privatization means there will be transfer of ownership and management from the public to private sector. While this is the case, it has proven to be a reliable and powerful technique of improving waste management services like haulage, disposal and collection.
  • By operating in different partnership forms with public sector, NGOs also provide management, organization capacity capital, technical skills and labor.

NGOs are also mainly involved with collection of waste from different sources of generation suc as hotels, houses, restaurants and markets. After collecting waste, they dispose it in the nearest SDSs. However, it is important to note that most of the NGOs don’t handle composting of the organic waste as well as medical waste. This is especially true in cities such as Khulna.

What is more, NGOs also set up collection systems. This means that waste collection from the generation sources is carried out by the NGOs and some even transfer the waste to compost plants. More importantly, some of the NGOs also collect waste from some of the households and they receive payment in small amounts from dwellers.

For NGOs to play their role in municipal solid waste efficiently, they need to collection facilities as well. As such, most of them have vans used for collection and manpower in order to increase efficiency. It is because of all these reasons and more that NGOs are an important part of municipal solid waste management.

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