Sample Essay on Role of NGOs in Development of Rural Entrepreneurship

Role of NGOs in Development of Rural Entrepreneurship

Starting an entrepreneurship in the rural areas is not an easy task. There are several aspects that need to be factored in such as where to get capital, how to attract and retain customers as well as the practices to follow. Precisely for this reason, NGOs play an important role in development of rural entrepreneurship.

Unemployment of underemployment in the rural areas leads to an influx of people in the cities as they look for new jobs. NGOs committed to rural development act as catalyst and offer then locals opportunities that increase or guarantee chances of growth.

Whenever someone thinks of starting a business, the first thing they have to think about is whether they will get the appropriate market. This is the only way to construct a business that is operational and functional while at the same time taking into account the financial requirements of the business.

In rural businesses, creating third party alliances is crucially important though most often, entrepreneurs are afraidProofreading-Editing of venturing into such opportunities because of the risks involved. NGOs however, serve as great opportunities for such individuals to create their own ideas.

Whenever a business idea is innovative or it involves adaptation of new technology, very few people are interested in it. This is regardless of the fact that your technology has already been tested. NGOs on the other hand don’t shy away from such investments. Rather, they are often ready to facilitate such technology.

As a matter of fact, many NGOs will manage relations with several potential entrepreneurs to set up educational chats. In addition to this, NGOs also help through instillation of confidence in technology through transfer of experience and knowledge which is enhanced extensions into other countries as well.

Also, through NGOs, entrepreneurs get background training on how they are supposed to handle their work and how they can make profits. They are taught some of the strategies to use in order to attract customers as well as some of the things they need to overlook or overcome.

In addition to this, NGOs make it easy for rural entrepreneurs to learn about sustenance management. Running an enterprise requires plans and goals that conform to the target of the business and entrepreneurs are taught how to get such aspects into harmony with their goals by the NGOs.

They are taught how to pay attention to all aspects of the business and how they can handle quality control in order to attract and keep clients interested in the services or products they have to follow. More importantly, NGOs assist in development of rural entrepreneurship by helping entrepreneurs learn some of the pitfalls they ought to avoid.

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