Sample Essay on Research Proposal Writing

Research proposal writing

Research proposal writing is an assignment that a student writes in an effort to see funds to enable them to carry on with their research project. Also know as a grant proposal, it requires that you write a convincing paper clearly elaborating the purpose of your project and how you hope that it will contribute significantly to the already existing issues revolving around the topic. When writing a research proposal a few factors need to be given special attention if you desire to meet the goals of the research proposal writing paper:

  • Carefully consider if the research topic is worth the research time input and resources required.Image 2
  • If writing the research proposal is worth the time, can it be realistically investigated in an exhaustive manner?
  • Is the research topic challenging enough for the level of academic learning for which you are doing the research?
  • Will it be possible to finish writing the research proposal within stipulated time frame?
  • What are the likely challenges or obstacles that you are going to face in the course of doing the research?
  • How suitable is the research proposal writing suitable for you as an individual student?

Tips to writing a research proposal

Once all the above factors have carefully been considered and you are confident that you want to go ahead with writing the research proposal, you need to know what to do to make the writing process easier and more manageable. At, we offer you tips on how to proceed with research proposal writing:

  • Remember that a research proposal document is a bit different from a research paper and hence comes in a slightly different document.
  • Begin by formulating the project title. Remember to keep it as short as possible and it should be specific. Ambiguous titles will give you a hard time in your research.
  • The research question should be clearly defined, relevant to the topic and applicable to the methodology proposed.
  • Conduct some background check of the research question to find out how much research has been done in its regards, the missing gap and the possible relationship to a universal emergency problem.

Help with research proposal writing

Writing the research proposal is not always an easy task as many students will attest, and this is the reason why at, we strive to assist you to write the research proposal right from scratch if you allow us. At our site, we understand that writing the research proposal means the difference between getting funds for your project and having to come up with a different project altogether. We will help you write the paper from the minds of your fund grantors, hence we will capture the important aspects that should be captured in a research proposal paper. All this we do for you at very affordable rates and within the shortest time possible.

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