Sample Essay on Research Paper Introduction

Research Paper Introduction

A well-written introduction runs through half the page. However, Research Paper  introduction can be longer depending on the nature and scope of the research. When writing a research paper introduction, some researchers find limiting their introduction to this length challenging. These research paper writing tips will guide you in writing an introduction that will serve the purpose of bringing the reader into a virtual world where you intend to discuss issues that are related to your research topic.

  1. Start your research paper introduction with relevant supporting statements
  2. End your introduction with a hypothesis description to offer the reader a theoretical context of your paper.
  3. Write an introduction that set the tone of your research paper, catch the interest of the reader and also communicates the thesis or hypothesis statement.
  4. Make your major points clear by placing objectives and results of the paper in an orderly manner.
  5. Use starters such as timely stories and comparison of events, ideas or people.
  6. Evaluate the introduction after writing.

Image 2A good research paper introduction  draws the interest of many readers. Everyone who comes across your paper will be compelled to read it past the introduction. However, you can choose a good title, conduct extensive research but with a badly-written introduction your paper will not be read by many people. Nevertheless, if you experience challenges in writing a research paper introduction you can seek professional help from experts.

Why seek professional research paper writing help

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Get help in writing a research paper introduction and linking it with the body

Some students write good introductions for their research papers. However, linking the introduction to the body becomes a major problem. A good introduction should carry the reader from the topic, to the body of the paper and eventually to the conclusion. Ideas of a well-written research paper should flow logically so that your reader can follow your line of thought without losing interest. Perhaps, this explains why it is important to read the research paper carefully from the start to the end after writing. Make sure that each chapter is linked to the other logically.

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