Sample Essay on Reasons for Gender Wage

Reasons for Gender Wage

Gender wage is an issue that has not been fully addressed in different parts of the globe. The US is one of the countries that have been trying to close gender wage gap over the past years to no success. This is largely attributed to the fact that there are complex and interrelated causes of gender pay gap including

Direct discrimination

Research shows that many women earn less compared to males even if they have the same credentials and doing the same job. This is a factor that explains why gender pay gap has been hard to close both in developed and developing countries. Direct discrimination is also common because of the effectiveness of national legislation and effectiveness of the European Union.

Undervaluing the work of women

Undervaluing the work of women is also a leading cause of gender wage.  Women earn less because of the value of the work they do. This affects their competitiveness because they cannot put their skills into practice fully.

Additionally, jobs that require similar skills, experience and qualifications pay poorly. Such jobs are often designed for women. Such jobs include cashiers in supermarkets among other low paying jobs.

Similarly, evaluation of employee performance is often biased. It favors men when it comes to the level of pay as well as career progression. In cases where men and women are qualified, you will realize that more value is attached to men’s responsibilities.

Labor market segregation

Segregation in the labor market also causes gender wage. Women and men are offered different jobs even on the same sector. As a result, women are known to predominate low paying and less valuable jobs.

Additionally, women are offered jobs that pay low even in sectors that are known to be profitable. This includes health, public administration and education sector. For instance, in the health sector, there are many nurses and up to 80 percent are women.

Similarly, women are often under represented in senior and managerial positions. Women only represent 17 percent of board members in big public companies in the European Union.


Segregation linked to stereotypes and traditions are also one of the reasons behind gender wage. Women may take up certain educational paths because of stereotype. There are also careers that are believed to be best suited for women than men.

There are a minority of women in computing, engineering and mathematics among other related fields because of stereotype. As a result, women work in less valuable and less paying jobs because these traditions and stereotypes reduce their working hours. This often occurs so that women can provide elderly or childcare services.

The need to balance private and work life

The need to balance private and work life also causes gender wage. Women experience difficulties when balancing work and private life.

What’s more, family care, domestic responsibilities and the freedom to enjoy a more private life is not equal between men and women. Women are often expected to stay home and take care of kids among other household chores. Men on the other hand have all the time they need to hang out with friends.

Women also have more interruptions on their careers compared to men thus, negatively impacting their pay.

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