Sample Essay on Quito


Equador’s capital town and the world’s highest city housing both judicial and legislative activities is none other than Quito. With its strategic location in the Northern section of Equador, Quito serves as the capital town of Pichincha province. The historic sites of the city comprise of the most highly preserved and attractive tourist attractions in America. Also, it has been ranked among the cultural avenues that are most attractive in the world. Quito has a central square situated about twenty five kilometers towards southern section of the equator (Gauderman 55).

Destination description

Quito has a very large population of over 2, 29, 191 people according to the national census of 2010. In regard to population size and economic advancement, the city ranks second after Guayaquil and it has also been ranked as most developed city in terms of cultural and political affairs, which are the major developmental factors upon which power of political elites, company executives, bankers and wealthy families is reflected. The population of the city therefore comprises of executives who are wealthy and some indigenous eye catching people that make up the largest percentage of the population (Leona 9).

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The unique experience of the city which is what every tourist searches for is ranked as the major motivator for the destination. Though the city is built upon historical remains of Incan city, it is well maintained and offers a unique yet modern experience that every modern traveler is searching for. While Quito remains as an historic site that is least distorted in Latin, America, it offers an experience that is realistic to different categories of tourists. Among people likely to travel to the city include, cultural tourists pursuing to enjoy an experience that is unique to the region. Equally, the dental care offered in the city is unique and has continued to attract a large number of dental tourists who visit the city to have their teeth fixed (Robert 11).

The city attracts different kinds of tourists such as single individuals, children, men, women, senior people, families and married people. The city also receives both international and local visitors. While majority of the visitors are from the US, Quito equally receives visitors from other regions of the globe and especially those looking for dental care. Majority of people who into the city are low-income earners opting for the destination because it is favorable and affordable. According to Kathia (47), the city has a potential but ethical tourism that has remained postponed for years though it has an expansive range of educational and teaching instruments for students. Equally, there is also a high demand for cultural and dental tourism that currently is delayed by the ongoing projects that are related to infrastructural facility construction which is inclusive of airport, roads and an electrical system. The physical features of Quito are attractive and include a cool climate, volcanoes, financial districts as well as high class resident facilities. Additionally, it has cultural resources which include the language, customs, etiquette and Krakow historic site (Smith 67).

The tourist attractions in Quito are expansive as well and include beautiful sceneries such as waterfalls, rivers, volcanoes and different kinds of exotic orchids and birds. Equally, the city has a cultural heritage that is attractive and characterized by beautiful historic sites, sports, theater performances and museums. With the rapid development of infrastructural facilities, forecasts indicate there is potential expansion in the sector of tourism in Quito (Robert 13). Equally, the city has taken some commendable steps in promoting business, trade and cultural relations with other cities and eventually, this will expand tourism within the city. Rapid changing market demands and the need of pursuing affordable services has also seen a large percentage of people diversify in tourism sector within the country as majority of people enter into the city easily (Leona 12).


Quito is a tourist destination that is unique with a large variety of physical and cultural resources attracting both international and local tourists. The city is also known for maintenance of non-altered historic sites, which motivate tourists from different walks of life to choose the location. Rapid infrastructural facilities expansion and the impact of globalization indicates there is potential expansion of the tourism industry.

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