Sample Essay on Postmodern World

Postmodern World

            For the past three hundred years, the world has experienced a lot of change in terms of modernization. The transformation has influenced how people think, how they relate to each other and the emergence of massive innovations. The transformation has occurred in three folds which are pre-modern world, the modern world and the postmodern world. In the postmodern world, science has predominated in seeking solutions to the societal problems contrary to the pre-modern time where religion was the source of facts and solutions.  Several aspects and experiences have cropped up since the inception of post modern world such as capitalism and empowering education.

            Capitalism is a system that incorporates trade and means of production being controlled privately with an aim of making profits. It is a social system that is based on developing individuals and leaving the majority languishing in poverty. Traditionally, resources were shared in the community and tasks were handled collectively, but capitalism induced competition even to natural resources. Capitalism created a social divide into classes of either the poor or the rich. In the postmodern world, an individual has to develop self interests before extending to the rest of the society. On the other hand, postmodernism has ensured that education is an obligation in the society. Currently, for a person to be successful, he or she has to undergo through the education system and impart knowledge on how to handle issues. This is an inevitable fact that has to be embraced by every individual in the postmodern world era.

            Although post modernization has brought new ideas in the perspective, but the ancient ideas are still referred to and modified to accommodate current situations. However, people living in the current era have switched from solidarity to a self-centered life. Therefore, the postmodern world has brought new experiences and life aspects.