Sample Essay on Ottoman Empire Timeline

Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was a very powerful military and political entity of the Turks established in the middle ages and which lasted into the twentieth century. It all started with a small state comprised of a handful of Turks believed to be Seljuk Turks descendants. The timeline of the empire can be broken down as follows:

Growth, rise and fall

  • 1299-The empire is founded and the reign of Osman I’s begins
  • 1389-Battle of Kosovo results to the capture of a big portion of Serbia
  • 1396-Bulgaria conquest in the Nicopolis battle
  • 1444- Varna crusade comes to an end on Ottoman victory of the Varna battle

Subsequent Growth of the Empire

  • 1453-Mehmed II captures Constantinople. During battle, Constantine (Christian emperor) dies and Mehmed II claims the title Caesar of Rome as Roman Byzantine Empire yields to Ottoman force finally.
  • 1460-Mehmed II conquers Morea
  • 1461Mehmed conquers Trabzon bringing to an end the Trebizond Empire.
  • 1463-Bosnia is  conquered
  • 1473-Uzun Hassan of Akkoynlu Turkmens is defeated by Mehmed II in the battle of Otlukbeli.
  •  1475- Gedik Ahmet Pasha captures Caffa and Crimea is declared Ottoman Empire vassal state.
  • 1478-Albania conquest
  • 1480-Otranto, the southern part of Italy is conquered by Pasha as a strategic move for creating a base to orchestrate further conquest of Italy.
  • 1481- Mehmed II dies and the Ottoman Throne goes to Bayezid II’s
  • 1498-Montenegro conquest
  • 1514-Safavid Persia’s Ismail I is defeated by Selim bringing East Anatolia under Turkish rule in Chaldiran Battle.
  • 1566-The reign of Suleiman comes to an end
  • 1590-Istanbul treaty

Intermediate period

  • 1610-Kuyucu Murat Pasha suppresses Jelali revolts with the Turkmens suffering the greatest loss
  • 1612-Nasuh Pasha treaty
  • 1615-Serav treaty
  • 1683-At the Battle of Vienna, Ottomans are defeated
  • 1686-Hungary evacuation
  • 1687-Mehmed IV dies
  • 1699-Karlowitz treaty
  • 1718-Passarowitz treaty and beginning of  Tulip Era
  • 1730-The revolt of Patrona Halil brings to an end the Tulip Era resulting to dethronement of Ahmet III
  • 1739-Belgrade treaty
  • 1774-Kucuk Kaynarca treaty
  • 1807-Kabakci rebellion results to Selim III’s dethronement
  • 1821-Start of the Greek independence war

Fall of the Ottoman Empire

  • 1830-Algeria surrenders to French rule gradually
  • 1832
  • Greek sovereignty is established officially as a result of Greek War of Independence
  • 1831 to 1833-Ottoman-Egyptian War
  • 1853-Crimean war
  • 1881-Tunisia gets converted into a French colony
  • 1885-Eastern Rumelia is taken under the jurisdiction of Bulgaria
  • 1913-The Ottoman Empire, save for Istanbul and a small surrounding region is erased completely from the political map of Europe.
  • 1914-Ottoman Empire joins World War I and sides with Central Power. At about the same time, Britain annexes Cyprus.

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