Sample Essay on Obesity Epidemic

Over the years, obesity remains a leading health concern among developed countries of the world, including the United States. Research shows ever-rising cases of obesity of among adults and children in America, a trend replicated in most developed and developing nations. While many people would want insinuate that the “obesity endemic” has been blown out of proportion, the writings are on the wall; it is a global scourge. Even though obesity might not be Black Death, it is needless to mention that it leads to numerous killer diseases like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes, since obese children are likely to become obese adults. These diseases drain world economies as huge funds are redirected into treatment and management of victims instead of channeling the resources to economic development. This paper explores some of the causes, effects and ways of taming obesity epidemic in our society today.

Nutritionists simply define obesity as excess body fat, which results from environmental and genetic factors that one cannot control easily through dieting. Medically, one is obese, if they have Body Mass Index, commonly known as BMI, which is 30 and above. BMI is a professional tool used to measure obesity in people. Obesity is a major predisposing factor of most killer diseases, and there is every need to control, prevent and avoid it as much as possible. Surprisingly, most people with obesity have no idea of their status, frustrating efforts to manage the scourge globally.

While the worry should not be, whether one is obese or not, it is vital to understand the causes of obesity among Image 2millions of Americans and other people worldwide. Most experts agree that obesity epidemic stems largely from eating too much and exercising too little. The only difference here are the specifics, like what is it that you feed on excessively. While genes may a role to play, some people have a contrary opinion owing to the fact that succeeding generations continue to experience increase in weight. This means there are other factors, mainly environmental that are contributing to these trends. For example, modern technology encourages a sedentary lifestyle more than ever. Today, one can spend a whole day without covering 100 meters walk, because of cars, mobile communication and computers, which jointly reduce moving from place to place on foot. This is different from what previous generations knew, because of low technological advancements of the day.

However, one of the most blamed factors is poor eating habits. To break this down, junk eating has become a fashion in modern day and age. Children, youth and adults are consuming junk foodstuffs, which are having a toll on their health unknowingly. This on the other hand, has been encouraged by massive advertising of these products, by the media. Today, there many food adverts that TV viewers watch in a one-hour news bulletin. Most of these adverts encourage eating sugary and high caloric foodstuffs to attain a given body size or figure. Fast food companies are not only competing for space on our streets but also having as an obese effect on the population. While these causes are, well known, controlling obesity epidemic appears to be a toll order. The problem intertwined with a wide range of other factors, which requires joint efforts to combat. Nonetheless, it is a problem that can be handled.

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