Sample Essay on Network Connections

Network connections

There are numerous types of computer connections that are applied for different purposes. Local area network is a form of networking that is commonly used to connect computers within a small area. This is mostly used to connect computers in schools, offices, and hospitals. TCP/IP is the applied method of communicating between computers that are connected to this network. Local area networks are usually small which makes it possible to have only one administrator. These networks are possible to change using a bus network topology which allows access to the network (Crow, et al., 1997). This is why these networks are very common due to the ease of setting them up and management.

Wireless local area network connects computers without using of cables. Therefore, these networks rely on radio and infrared signals to send and receive signals from different devices connected in the network. This implies that devices that are connected to the network have a mobility and are not forced to remain in one location. However, the network has a limited location which implies that the connection is only available within the network range. These networks work in accordance to IEEE 802.11 standards (Crow, et al., 1997). The most common application of wireless connections is through Wi-Fi internet connections which connect computers and mobile devices within a certain radius.

Wide area networks cover a wide area and is used to connect server machines across continents. This allows different servers located in different countries to communicate sending and receiving information updates. In addition, these networks are made up of many network connections which result to one huge network comprising of thousands of connections. These networks rely on optic fibers as their connection medium. This cable transmits data at a high speed which makes it possible to send and receive information across connections within a very short time (Thom, 1996). The internet is one example of wide area network and covers the entire globe. It’s a clear depiction of the effectiveness of this network connection because people are able to send and receive information instantly.

System area networks are networks that are designed to provide high internet speed. They offer this service to a number of computers that are connected to it. Their most common application is in server purposes which makes it possible for other computers to connect to the server and communicate fast(Thom, 1996). However, connection to a system that is on the system area network is based on permission granted after the status of the computer on the system is reviewed by the network administrator.

Storage area networks are mainly used as information databases. They are commonly applied by websites which require users to access information that is stored there easily and fast. This is because these networks are designed to store information and allow easy retrieval of stored data. This is a basic requirement for any website because users want to access stored information very fast (Crow, et al., 1997). They are common in websites where downloading services are offered. They can store huge data and it can easily be retrieved during downloads.

Campus area networks are a connection of many local area networks and are used in university campuses and offices. They allow users to access information stored in each local area network servers from any computer. This includes computers connected to other local area networks that are under the campus area network. Campus area networks make it possible to access and download information stored in any of the computers connected to the local area networks under the campus network(Thom, 1996).


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