Sample Essay on Latinos in Ontario

Latinos in Ontario

Latino immigration to Ontario is positive to the province. This is because they come in 4 different groups that in one way or another contribute to the development of the economy. To start with, the temporary workers help the province, they do jobs that Canadians do not want to do and are mostly farm workers. Secondly, the refugees in Ontario help in the province’s development by doing survival jobs. Other Latino immigrants come to Canada with residence papers and their positivity is highlighted in their investments and qualifications in jobs. The other group of Latino immigrants consists of those sponsored by family members, relatives or friends. They have a positive impact in the province as they pay taxes and this is vital for the province’s economic development.

Though Latino immigration is positive, Canada should regulate the number of Latino immigrants. This is due to the fact that more immigrants will cause population pressure leading to social problems such as congestion, unemployment, increased crime rates and housing problems among others.

There are various categories of Latino immigrants in Canada. For instance, landed immigrants are people that officially come to the country with residence papers. They concentrate on investments and are highly qualified for Canadian jobs hence contribute to the economic development of Canada. Conversely, refugees are individuals who come to Canada as a result of the danger in their own countries and are under the protection of the international human rights laws. Refugees often come from situations of war and poverty and mainly engage in survival jobs in Canada.

In essence, Canada should let in more landed immigrants than refugees. This is because landed immigrants have great impacts on the Canadian economy as they come in as investors or as qualified workers.