Sample Essay on Judaism Beliefs about God

Judaism Beliefs about God

Judaism beliefs about God teach about the existence of an ultimate reality, all-powerful, single God. This belief is the one that made Jews unique among the other people of the ancient times. This belief was also the legacy of Judaism passed across the whole western world. YHWH is the sacred name of this God that was revealed in Exodus to Moses. The original pronunciation of this word is not known since the ancient Hebrew did not have vowels.

According to Judaism, God is monotheistic. He is absolute, incomparable and individual being that is considered as the ultimate cause of the entire existence. The tradition of the Jews teaches that true aspect of this God is unknowable and incomprehensible. It is only the revealed aspect of God that brought about the existence of the universe and interaction with the world and mankind.

The only God of Israel is considered as the God of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. He is the guide of the universe or the world who delivered the Israelites from Egypt where they were living in slavery and he gave them 213 Mutzvot at the Mount Sinai that are described in Torah. The proper name of the God of Israel is written as YHWH. This name presents a combination of the past, present and future tense of a verb “howa”.

Image 2Howa means “to be” and when translated it literally means “self-existence One”. Moses was given further explanation of this name when YHWH gave him a statement that Eheye Asher Eheye. This means “I will be that I will be”, implying that the name is related to God as the true God he is. It is the revealed essence of God that transcends the entire universe. It is a representation of the compassion of God towards the universe or the world.

God is also called Elohim in the tradition of Jews. This relates to interaction of the universe and God. God as he manifests himself in physical world. It is a designation of justice of the God of Israel and it means, “One who is the totality of powers, forces and causes in the universe”.

In Judaism, God’s nature is an area of abstract belief. The existence of God is a fact that is accepted virtually without a question. There is no need for proof and it is rarely offered. Torah starts by saying that “In the beginning, God created”. There is no explanation for God and His origin.

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