Sample Essay on Jewish Views on Cohabitation

Jewish Views on Cohabitation

Cohabitation is a practice that is significantly finding its way into the society today at a very fast rate. In fact, there are quite a number of couples who are today living together in the way that husband and wife should, but not married. The practice is on the rise and is committed by both the youth and older people. However, it should be noted that according to Jewish laws, cohabitation is not permitted since it is considered to be a sinful act.

The reason why cohabitation is highly regarded as a sin in Jewish law is because it violates the principles of marriage as detailed in the Torah. When a man and a woman decide to start living together before marriage, there are several acts reserved for married couples that they will be engaging in like sexual intercourse among others. The act of cohabitation exposes the two people who are involved to several other practices that are prohibited outside marriage. It denies marriage the kind of special treatment that it should be accorded since at the time that the couple may be thinking of getting married, they will have nothing new to experience in the holy matrimony.

Matrimony is a form of promiscuity or adultery since there is every reason to believe that when two people who are Image 2in love decide to start living together, they will engage in sex. This is an immorality that the Jewish traditions prohibit. In the Bible, it is detailed that for a man and a woman to be considered as married or begin to live as husband and wife, they require the Blessings of God that can only be cast upon them when they declare marriage vows. Among those who cohabitate, this does not take place because in most occasions, two people wimple decide to begin living together.

Jewish teachings point out that cohabitation or living together without marriage bypasses the soul since it is an act of disobedience to God. When a man and a woman begin living together before they are married, they do not honor the commitment to hard work that is crucial to every choice that we make in life. Jewish teachings point out that God does not like lazy people who do not want to work hard towards achieving the good things that they desire in life. Cohabitation bypasses commitments and accountability, the two pillars of an ideal relationship.

Cohabitation in all its forms advances the ‘use and discard,’’ ‘easy come, easy go’’ mentality that is prevalent in today’s society. From the perspective of Jewish traditions, living together before marriage reduces the relationship to a casual encounter, which is against the treatment that God requires us to accord to the union.

In conclusion, it should be noted that cohabitation is a gross violation of the requirement to be holy. It is a sinful act that Jews avoid as much as they can. In fact, Orthodox Jews even tend to marry much earlier in order to avoid falling into the trap of cohabitation.

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