Sample Essay on Islamic Beliefs about God

Islamic Beliefs about God

Islamic beliefs about God are based on the existence of one, incomparable, unique God who does not have a partner or son and the only right God who should be worshiped. Muslims believe that their God called Allah is the only true God and all other deities are false. The name of the God that Muslims believe in is the most powerful and magnificent and it sublime the perfect attributes. No one shares the divinity of Allah or His attributes.

There are six main beliefs of the Islam faith. These are:

  • Belief that Allah is the only God who should be worshipped
  • Belief in the angelsImage 2
  • Belief in Muslim holy books
  • Belief in prophets such as Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Dawud, Isa and Muhammad as the last prophet
  • Belief that there is a Day of Judgment
  • Belief in the predestination

Muslims believe that Allah is an all-powerful God and the creator of the perfectly ordered universe. He is not part of the universe that he created but he is transcendent. Allah is always referred to using names and terms that emphasize His greatness, majesty and superiority. There are 99 beautiful names that are used in reference to God including the Fashioner, the Creator, the Provider, the Bestower, the Opener, the Life-giver, the Recorder, the Reckoner and the Prevailer.

Despite revealing his will via the prophets, the actual nature of God is still unknowable. The will of God is all that Muslims have and they have this will in perfection and described in Qur’an. However, Islam does not consider Qur’an as being equal to the essence or nature of God. Qur’an is the word, commandment and will of Allah or God. God has never revealed himself to humans. There are adjectival descriptions of God only that are attributed to divine being and they only bear God’s revelation for man.

Despite being transcendence and unknowable, Qur’an does not offer teachings that Allah remains aloof at some places in heaven or that he does not know his children or Muslims. Allah is everywhere and close to a man like a man is to veins in the neck. However, one thing that is made clear by the teachings of Islam is that Allah is indivisible and unique. Strict monotheism of God is repeatedly emphasized in the Qur’an which rejects the polytheism of God taught by Christianity in the trinity concept.

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