Sample Essay on Internet and our Privacy

            Internet and our Privacy

From the search that I carried out on social media and search engine and although there a many people with the same name as mine, I have been able to narrow the search down and found details about me. In Google, I found some information that are no longer relevant to my current life, for example, I still got my details in some of the dating sites stating that I am single and searching yet am in happy, stable relationship with my sweetheart, this can bring a misunderstanding between us if my partner could find out about this. Another information that is available online about me is my college application details and I find this very wrong since I listed my background information including my home location, my address and also my contacts.

On the social media, a look at my profile in facebook profile includes my relationship status, the schools I attended, where I currently work, even though I have never thought of this as a threat to my privacy, today I have felt that with such information online about me, I am at very high risk of falling a prey to internet stalkers who may decide to follow my activities closely with main aim of causing harm to me or my close relatives and friends.

With my background openly available to every facebook user or anyone who can access my profile, some can easy steal my identity and use it online and against me or get involved in criminal activities with my identity hence landing me on the wrong side of the law. This however can be corrected if I set my privacy well to allow only different levels of access to my information to different groups; friends, acquaintances and public. As per now, the public can not access even my photos except my profile picture. The acquaintances are not accessing my feeds but my friends have more access to my privacy.

My common name, at least makes me not easy to find because even in my town alone I found more than 20 people with the same username I have used in facebook, unless someone narrows down to school,status,current city and city of origin. On google, I have some people who share some information with me and maybe one or two names but if one searches using all my names and my location, am very easy to find and cannot be mistaken for anyone else.

When it comes to my image online, I would admit that so far it is not professional and I would not like any of my potential employers to get access to my online images. The worst example is a linked in profile I created long time ago when I was still in high school and I can’t change it because I forgot the logging details. The profile photo is about us on a friends party, very drunk and putting on some clothes that were not very decent, yet this is the only photo that appears online when someone searches for my name.So, no I would not want my employer, professor or my parents to find this out and I would love very much to be able to change this image and if possible delete it from my online history even now.

I sometimes Google information about people but this has only been in line with trying to get more information about them, maybe they have done something and the information is available on Google. In facebook, I frequently facebook other people especially when am lonely, I usually facebook people see if I can find one person to have a chat with but I rarely go to their background information. If we judge other people by the information available about them online, then we will hurt our relationships with them and even not get the opportunity to really know them. People no longer view networking as the best way of creating relationships both socially and career wise.