Sample Essay on International Law Association

International Law Association

International law is a set of rules that are generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between nations and states. It serves as the framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations. International law differs from the common state-based legal systems and it is primarily applicable to countries rather than private citizens. In some cases, national law may become international law when treaties delegate national jurisdiction to international criminal court or the European Court of Human Rights.

International law association [ILA] is a non-profit organization that is based Great Britain with its headquarters in London and it was founded in Brussels in 1873.  The ILA holds it biennial conferences and releases reports of the same for the benefits of the international community. The conference does not have any restrictions as members and outsiders can participate in the conference at a cost.

The International Law Association keeps several committees and study groups that analyze specific facets of the international law. The law findings of these groups are distributed to its members a number of times in a year. The association has 75 conferences that have enough target audience every day. The main objectives of the International Law Association are to promote the study, interpretation and advancement of international law, public and private, making of proposals for the solution of conflicts of law and the study of comparative law.

The international law association also helps in furthering international understanding and goodwill among people of Proofreading-EditingAustralian citizenship and the native residents in Australia. International law has helped promote co-operation and mutual development in many countries. Effectiveness of the international law has also helped the international community to create a better legislative net that would aid in the regulation of the relationship between the involved communities.

International law is no longer restricted to regulating relationships between states and can aid in any issue that presents elements of international character.  Today, the international law has extended its hand and it has made it easy to offer protection against the criminal actions or cases such as genocide and crimes against humanity especially if these criminal actions are made by individuals. Such responsibilities have been assigned to judicial bodies such as International Criminal Court.

There are numerous activities that are performed by the international law association. This is includes organizing special events such as public lecturers and other functions of relevant international law. The ILA also provides members of its committees by effectively conducting research and preparing reports on topics of the international law.  Finally, they also help arranging prizes and internships.

It is easy to become a member of the international law association. Joining the association makes it easy to enjoy corporate support. From the Australian Branch, firms such as Allens, Baker & McKenzie, Clayton Utz and Marque Lawyers make it easy to get the much needed corporate support. Interested students can also join the ILA and gain more experience on the field. Those who are competent enough can also gain job opportunities and succeed in the law field.

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