Sample Essay on In Depth Leisure Analysis: Biking

In Depth Leisure Analysis: Biking

             Charles K. Brightbill in his book, The Challenge of Leisure, defines leisure as a block of spare, free or unoccupied time for resting. Cycling is an activity where one rides a special type of bicycle around boulder-strewn paths, over rocky tracks and in the plains. It is mostly done as a group activity. People go out to look for activities that can help them pass time or those they enjoy. Rarely do you find someone getting involved in a past time activity to generate income. The purpose of this paper is to give an in depth analysis of bike riding as a leisure activity. The paper will look at the description, personal analysis, and conceptual analysis of the activity.

            In cycling, there are a variety of experiences ranging from excitement, harmony, peace, and hardship. The idea of going around boulders and plains to see panorama is very exciting. Since such places are always lonely, a person gets a peace of mind and freedom from the city life and many other things. Cycling can also be tiresome since it is an intense physical activity. Those participating in cycling should have the physical strength and without major physical disability, especially on the lower limbs.

            Cycling requires one to have a special bicycle made of aluminium for lightness and strength, protective helmet, straps for the knee and elbow joints, gloves, some bottled water, and maybe snacks. Cycling is not as expensive as other leisure activities and one enjoys it to the maximum. The most recent biking event I participated in was during the last spring and it was one of the best since I started participating in it as a leisure time activity because I could handle most of the challenges. On that day, my friends and I cycled for over three hours and we covered a distance of about thirteen miles. The scenario on the plains was satisfying and could give one the will to go further and further.

            Different people go for varied leisure activities because of the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards they get. Personally, cycling is more rewarding and satisfying compared to other leisure activities because it is cheap and need only a special type of a bicycle, which can be used for several years. Secondly, cycling enables one to get an exercise of varying intensity depending on one’s ability. Thirdly, the leisure sport can be used as an income generating activity, and it enables one to have a nice view of nature as one wind along the nature trails.

            Leisure time activities do provide intrinsic rewards. However, many people do not notice it. First, the activity causes bonding and team spirit as well as breaks the ice since during such activities; people get to know each other better. Those cycling do it away from the crowded city life and in turn understand and appreciate nature. This is where they get liberation and feel the freedom from all activities and people. Lastly, the quiet and vast environment helps one to meditate and develop a spiritual feeling.

            Observing the coming of spring is always joyous for me since I started cycling. That is the time I prepare everything and try to convince my friends that biking on the plains is a worthwhile undertaking. As the days draw closer, my excitement increases significantly. Making the first steps with my race bike out of the garage put a wide smile on my face. The plane is not far from where I stay and starting to tackle the rocky hills little by little heading towards the plains puts some doubts in my head as to whether I am going to make it up to the farthest end. The mere imagination of the cool breeze one feels and the vast landscape one sees is enough to make me continue with the journey forward.

            What can be a challenge is the morning after the journey. The muscle cramps make me to curse the idea of going to the plains. What is interesting is the feeling is somewhat fun since all the friends will narrate their experience once you meet again. I cannot say that I am a professional biker but since it was my third time to participate, I do not see it very challenging. As long as I remain physically fit, then it will remain my past time activity even if I do it fortnightly or once in a month.

            Since biking involves appreciating nature, there is not much to be changed. Perhaps, what can be done is to modify the bicycles to be more efficient and much easier to ride. Creating stopovers where people can refresh themselves is also a welcome idea since sometimes the weather gets extremely hot. With such changes, biking will remain to be my past time activity for so many years.

            Today, people see leisure as a past time activity for the rich and the working class. They think that in order to have leisure, one must part with so much money. Leisure is an activity, which is not only used to pass time but also to enable one to reenergize and refresh. During leisure, the human person leaves out all or most of the stress and produces hormones that make one to feel new and revitalized in terms of thinking and doing other day-to-day activities.

            Indeed the experience that was there during cycling borrows a lot from the content that is discussed in the classroom. According to module 9 by Khol leisure has several advantages towards ones health. During biking, several aspects of my health and wellness improved. To start with, I was able to gain physical and social wellness due to interaction with friends who were cycling with me. Then there were intellectual, emotional and spiritual gains since staying on the planes enables us to come up with creativity during challenges. The emotional and spiritual parts were almost together since one was able to appreciate Gods creation and bond with it.

            The leisure activity I was involved in had several course concepts. The concept of leisure and health was very outstanding. This was followed by the concept of leisure and work. It is worth noting that people who get involved in leisure activities perform well at work.

The current trends in leisure activities do not involve an open space and they get expensive such that the ordinary man cannot enjoy them. Most of the leisure activities of today, apart from tourism (khol, LM 7), do not leave room for spiritual development and do not have the intrinsic rewards. Therefore, leisure activities are very healthy in human life, and all people should create time for them.