Sample Essay on Importance of the Nile Delta

Importance of the Nile Delta

The Nile River is one of the greatest rivers with a rich and complex history. It runs back to the Egypt civilization era when it changes the lives of many people and helped the nation developed. It also played great roles in the civilization and development of 10 more countries that include Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The Nile delta made it easy for the river to spread out and drain into the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of the largest deltas in the world and it has made the coastline of the richest agricultural region.  The delta starts down-river from Cairo, Egypt. From the south to north, the Nile delta is about 160 kilometers in length and covers 240 kilometers from west to east. The delta had several tributaries, but the impact of controlled, changing relief and silting has all led to the loss of the delta. The Nile delta is usually described as arc-shaped as it resembles a triangle or lotus flower. People who have lived in the Nile Delta region for thousands of years have at all times enjoy the fertile soils within the region.

It used to flood on yearly basis leaving behind fertile soils and nutrients, unfortunately the construction of the Aswanimages (1) dam have made it ineffective for farming. About half of the Egypt population of 80 million people lived in the Delta region. Alexandria is the largest city in the delta. The Nile delta has changed many lives. In fact, there are many reasons as to why many people rely on the Nile Delta.

  • Wildlife- Nile Delta held the largest concentration of wildlife. Abundant plants grow in the Nile River including the Egyptian lotus. The lower Nile has abundant Cyperus papyrus; hence there is plenty for the wild animals. There is a widespread species of birds in the delta including little gulls and whiskered terns.            The delta is also a great home for other bird species like grey herons, egrets, ibises and Kentish plovers. Tortoises, nile crocodile, Nile monitor, tortoises, turtle and hippopotamus habitat within the Nile delta.
  • Agriculture- Prior to the construction of the Aswan dam, great fields around the Nile delta act as great site for farming as floods left behind fertile soils for growing crops and many other farm related produces. Reeds were also grown in the Nile basin and many farmers would make good profits from their produce.
  • Tourism- Many people visit the Nile Delta to learn more about it was formed and the impact it has on the surrounding areas. More so, foreigners visit to enjoy boating and shipping within the river. Delta towns and landscapes also attracted many people and more so migrants.
  • Hunting and fishing- In ancient Egyptian epoch, the Nile delta also translated into an invaluable source of hunting and fishing. Hence, the residents had plenty of food for consumption and sale.

The Nile delta has been quite substantial to the many Egyptian on the upper or lower parts of the Nile. Creation of new cities in the delta region led to development of residential areas, industries, learning institutions, health centers and temples. Unfortunately, construction of the Aswan High Dam and human activities has influenced efficiency of the Nile delta.

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