Sample Essay on Importance of Mitosis in the Human Body

Mitosis in the Human Body

To understand the importance of mitosis in the human body it is important to know what it is first. Mitosis is a process via which sex cells, eggs and sperm are made in the bodies of sexually reproducing organisms. The life span of cells in a living organism is set. After this life span, the cells cannot function properly and they have to be replaced. Antibodies seek the exhausted cells in the human body and then absorb them. This process starts with mitosis where the dead cells are replaced with their exact clones.

Unlike meiosis which helps in the production of cells for sexual reproduction, mitosis reproduces the single cells. Mitosis occurs whenever the body needs a new cell. Different cells in the body have varying life spans and some cells can be damaged necessitating the need for new ones. In some cells, mitosis is a constant process that ensures that adequate quantities of cells are constantly available. In addition, there are cases when antibodies trigger destruction of some cells before their normal life span ends which triggers additional mitosis.

Generally, mitosis is important in the human body for two major reasons. One, mitosis is crucial for cell replacement through cell division. Lost, dying and damaged cells in the body have to be replaced. These include the cells that form different tissues of various organs in the body such as the skin.

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For instance, human skin has millions of living cells that offer protection to the body against pathogens and damage. The cells that form the surface of the skin slough off over time. This happens for instance when a person scratches the skin or when the skin comes into contact with rough surface causing abrasion. The lost cells have to be replaced with new ones that are produced deeper in the skin through mitosis.

Second, for body to grow there must be production of new cells. Every human being started as a single cell when the egg cell of a mother and the sperm cell of the father fused forming a single cell. Through mitosis, this cell divided to produce millions of other cells in the body. The cells differentiated later to serve specific functions in the body and they work in tissues as well as organs.

Through differentiation of the newly formed tissues and organs after mitosis, humans are able to perform different activities including eating, playing, learning and speaking among others.

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