Sample Essay on Importance of Competitor Analysis

Importance of Competitor Analysis

In any business operation strategy, it is wise to keep into account the strategies of the company’s competitors. Strategic management is all about being able to gain and maintain competitive advantage over any other company. Competitive analysis is an exceptional process of analytically comparing a company, products and services against the substantial competitors within an industry.

Through competitive analysis, it becomes easy to establish a company’s goals, tactics and strategies that will make it stand out among competitors. There are notable elements that make up a competitive analysis. Firstly, you have to define the core competitors. Some companies will offer products and services that similar to what you entirely offer while others will only dispense one or two of your core products and services. Secondly, analyze competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

To enjoy a great competitive advantage in the market, look at the reasons behind the success of a company and areas that it has failed. Thirdly, analyze the main customer’s needs and requirements. Learning about the central wants of clients in an imperative part of competitive analysis. This makes customers’ priorities company’s main concerns. At last, an entrepreneur should build a strategic plan to improve the position of the company.

These strategic plans should cover areas of business operation from production, distribution, pricing to marketing of goods and services. With the key elements that make up a competitive analysis in mind, it is a brilliant idea to look at the key reasons as to why competition analysis is an important tool. Here are the core benefits of conducting a Proofreading-Editingcompetitive analysis;

  • It makes it easy to develop matrixes for ascertaining unserved and underserved gaps in the competitive markets. It reveals more on where a company fits in terms of prices, quality and customization.
  • Provides a strategy to undertake towards product development. With great technology, direct competitors are able to engage in a persistent rivalry to develop new products and gain advantage by also learning what their probable competitors are offering. It also becomes easy to know what main competitors are up to or improving for future release.
  • Offers a better way to understand the market trends and gain a competitive edge over any other company. Coming up with a new business idea offers a better way lure a number of loyal clients and build a new market. Customers will also be attracted to new business ideas.
  • Todays, make is all about placing a lot of energy on benefits and value rather than selling products and services. Competitive analysis reveals more on what customers think they are buying than what they may be really buying. Hence, for an entrepreneur it becomes easy to know what clients thing of competitors brands.

It is not easy to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. Success in a given market is all about good timing and following the best strategies. An improved ability to predict your competitors’ behaviors and influence offers a better way to know how to move your company to another competitive level.  Do not just get on with your business plans and ignore competition. It is a great strategy to analysis competition, but do not get obsessed.

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