Sample Essay on Human Creation Theories and Beliefs

Human Creation Theories and Beliefs

There are mysteries that people have tried to understand in the world. The origins of humankind are one of the greatest mysteries that have continued to baffle people and over the past centuries, people have come up with various theories with efforts to understand the origins of humankind. Various societies have stories and beliefs on the origins of human and the world. The stories are varied in nature, depending on the communities and are passed from generation to another. Great scientists like Charles Darwin came up with theories that explain the origins of humankind and different faiths across the world have their beliefs and myths on creation that have been passed down generations. This paper explores the human creation theories and beliefs according to Charles Darwin and other different religious faiths across the world.

Christianity is one of the biggest religious faiths in the world today, and bases its teaching from a holy book the bible, which states that human was created by a supernatural being. In the Christian faith teachings, it is believed that a human being was created by a supernatural being named God. The bible teaches us that before human beings existed, the earth was formless and without anything. The Christian faith teaches that God, the supernatural being, first spoke the world and the things we see into existence before creating the first human being. According to the bible, God created the first human being in a spiritual form before creating the physical body and that the man dwelled with Him(The Bible: James Moffatt Translation, Genesis 1: 26-27). The bible further explains that when God saw that the first created man named Adam was lonely, He induced a deep sleep to Adam and removed one of his ribs to create for him a helper, the woman called Eve. Moreover, human creation story in the holy bible further explains that the two people God created dwelled together in a garden called Eden until the fall that saw them kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Christian faith teaches that God blessed man and told them “be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” (The Bible: James Moffatt Translation, Genesis 1: 26-29) and from that time, man multiplied to form the generations and people we have today on earth. Unlike Hindu religion, which has several creation stories, Christianity has one creation story depicted in the holly book called the bible.

Hindu is another religious faith that has several myths on the origins of humankind. The Hindu religion has several stories on the origins of humankind unlike other religious faiths across the world. The Hindu religion teaches that before time began, there was nothing and that life only began when a Hindu god called Brahma with the help of other gods created the earth and all that there is in (Human Origins). It is believed that lord Vishnu told Brahma to create the universe. Brahma created the universe from the lotus flowers that grew out of Vishnu’s belly after he died. After creating the universe, the lord Vishnu disappeared, Lord Brahma bore the first man named manu who was both male and female, and later gave birth to sons and daughters to fill the beautiful earth created. According to Human Origins, one of the Hindu human creation stories, man was a product of sacrifice by god purusha who existed by himself and had many body parts. This myth also suggests that the earth came from purusha’s belly and all the other things that exist in the world came from the same sacrifice of purusha (Human Origins). This myth further suggests that the four different races came from the four varnas of purusha and have multiplied to fill the earth we live in today. Another human creation story in the Hindu religion states that life began as a single soul who existed alone (Human Origins). When the soul became afraid, it became lonely and saw the need of companionship. The single soul that was big split into two to form man and woman and dwelled together. The two beings had pleasure and sexual intercourse, which led to the birth of human beings. Hinduism has several human creation stories and the ones discussed above are just some of the commonly told stories of creation in Hindu across the globe.

Although most religious faiths believe that a human being was a product of creation by a supernatural being, some of the scientists and anthropologists working on the origins of man have argued otherwise. One of the widely known non-creation origins of human beings is the evolution theory first presented by Charles Darwin. Darwin argues that human beings were not created but rather evolved from apes due to various reasons. Charles Darwin evolution theory has five key major elements, which include the high fertility of species, food resources being limited, populations normally remains roughly the same over years, variation in sexual reproduction is rampant, and variation can be inherited (Richard). In this argument, Darwin suggests that individuals struggle for survival and thus the individuals with desirable traits are likely to survive passing the traits to the next generation. The inherited characteristics follow generations and thus become dominant in a population over time. The entire process is referred to Natural Selection, which has resulted in the species evolving over time. Darwin suggests that human beings evolved from some ape like creatures considering the similarities the human beings had with some primate animals (Richard). Charles Darwin studied embryological developments similarities and other parts of animals that still develop to support his evolution theory. Charles Darwin believed that the different races in the world came because of natural and sexual selection, which led to adaptation, increasing the chances of success in mating and act independently thereby increasing adaptation (Richard).

Human creation is one of the great mysteries that have continued to baffle scientists, believers of different faiths, and, researchers. Different religious faiths across the world have different stories and myths concerning the creation of human beings. Most faiths or communities pass the stories down generations and the stories are varied from one community to another. One common factor among the religious beliefs on the origins of man is some supernatural being created the human. The science perspective on origin of humankind suggests that human beings were not created, but evolved from ape like creatures due to changes in the environment and natural selection. The great work presented by Charles Darwin sharply argues that humans were not created but evolved overtime due to key factors of natural selection and adaptation. There have been controversies on the theories and beliefs regarding human origins and existence, whether created or evolved, the underlying fact is that human life must have started at one point.

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