Sample Essay on How to Achieve Food Security

How to Achieve Food Security

Food security is a responsibility of every country in the world. It is exists when every person in a nation at all times is physically or economically able to access sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet food preferences and needs. Unfortunately, hunger remains a great calamity in the world with one person out of eight dying on daily basis from hunger related complications. Food insecurity has been a challenge for many countries and achieving food availability, adequacy and free use is the agenda of every developing or developed country.

Food security for developing nations calls for a lot of governmental, intergovernmental and inter-agency cooperation. Good governance, leadership coordination mechanisms are necessary to aid poor countries overcome the consequences of food insecurity and the wrath that comes with fewer actions on eradicating this calamity. It is easy to achieve food security if countries affected corporate and seek regional or international aid if stuck. There are many ways on how to achieve food security; however, most of the strategies to go for are interwoven across wide range of complex issues.

Understanding the key causes of food insecurity is the very first step to put into consideration. These causes include war, migration, poor government policies on food production, water stress and food wastage to name but a few.  There are four core pillars of food security monitoring systems that aid determining how to achieve food security, this includes agriculture production monitoring, the market information system, social monitoring and food and nutritional surveillance systems. To learn how to achieve food security, here are a few things to look at;

  • Nutrition intermediations- Starvation as damaging effects on any population, as it increases mortality, reduces images (5)cognitive abilities of children, reduces labor output, morbidity rates are reduced and affects the quality of victims of hunger. To achieve food stability, each nation should invest on or increase investments on long-term interventions like dietary diversification, bio-fortification and food sufficiency.
  • Facilitating easy market access- Countries need to get rid of any barriers on global trade. Increased trading in developing countries can easily consolidate their efforts in taking advantage of the market in future and acquire the necessary income and revenue.
  • Capacity building – Countries that are ready to achieve food security should also focus on education, research, development of infrastructure and better access to capital. Benefits that come from any of the mention ways of building capacity must be of the highest priority.
  • Gender sensitive development- gender is a common thing affecting many nations in many ways. Every individual should have the chance to lead, work and to enjoy life regardless of whether a male or a female. Every person in the society has a role to play in economy development.
  • Maintain good governance- Through a corruption free or peaceful environment any strategy can help achieve food stability. When all political interests of nations or organizations are delinked everything can be possible.

Future food security will require utilization of advanced strategies and a new crop of farmers who have a diversity of approaches to aid in food production. Governments and independent organizations should also provide economic, humanitarian and development aid to meet the Millennium Development Goals in every nation. Explicit goals for agriculture sector that include marketing policies and agricultural pricing should be put into consideration worldwide.

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